Revolabs Hybrid HD Microphones to Enhance Meetings and Conferences

For effective meetings and conferences to happen, there are simply several variables involved including microphone system. After all, what you do in meetings and conferences is communicating and sharing idea with other participants. Really, it is all about communications so it is just makes sense how a good microphone system is crucial to determine the success of meetings and conferences. Revolabs introduces Hybrid HD microphones to enhance meetings and conferences by offering both wired and wireless microphones and thus the moniker hybrid. Unlike the rest of HD microphones, Revolabs new Hybrid HD microphones provides users in meetings and conferences with ultimate freedom to place the microphones anywhere but still enjoys optimal audio pickup.

Some people tend to prefer wired microphones over wireless microphones because it has direct power source which means you can use it for extended time without having to worry running out of battery. Other proponents also argued that wired microphones offers more reliable performance as it practically free from any interference or poor signal transmission commonly found with wireless microphones. On the other hand, wireless microphones have been equally popular with meetings and conferences recently because users can easily roam around and do away with clutter of wiring. Revolabs brings the best of both world within their hybrid HD microphones which comes with XLR adapter companion for instant, effortless switching between wired and wireless system.

As expected, Revolabs Hybrid HD microphones will be available in a selection of microphone types including hybrid omni-directional tabletop, hybrid directional tabletop, and gooseneck to cater to different requirements in meetings and conferences. What's more, Revolabs actually helps to drive cost-effective meetings and conferences with their Hybrid HD microphones lineup thanks to optional Hybrid 4 Multi Microphone Power Adapter kit. With this handy kit, users can easily power up to four HD microphones simultaneously for seamless meetings and conferences. When you need to go around the room, simply disconnect Revolabs Hybrid HD microphones from their power source and takes them in hand or place it anywhere on the tables where necessary. Similarly, connects the HD microphones back to the power out when running out of battery. Revolabs claims long talk time up to eight hours for their Hybrid HD microphones when used as wireless microphones.

Like the rest of HD microphones lineup of Revolabs, the new Hybrid HD microphones also pack up a series of enhanced Revolabs technologies such as "Designed for Speech" HD audio technology and RF Armor technology as well as encryption option. After all, audio performance is among the first quality to look for in microphone system for meetings and conferences aside of flexibility. Powered by Design for Speech audio technology, users can get high quality audio performance and wider audio pickup with the new Revolabs Hybrid HD microphones. Hear every sound and be heard in your meetings and conferences with high clarity and precision like never before for most effective communications. Be it as wired or wireless microphones, new Revolabs Hybrid HD microphones delivers superior audio performance for your meetings and conferences without a hitch.

In case of wireless microphones scenario, you can feel reassured that the HD microphones will perform at is peak as RF Armor technology works wonder to eliminate any interferences. For a long time, RF Armor technology has powered Revolabs HD microphones to provide interference-free audio in meetings and conferences by adding resistance to the microphones against signal interferences from other electronic devices operating on the same radio frequency range. To the same extent, Revolabs Hybrid HD microphones are equipped with DECT protocol for ensured high quality audio performance in extended time regardless of any changes in radio frequency. Finally, users can also keep their meetings and conferences secure when and where needed with the new Hybrid HD microphones which supports 128-bit encryption feature.

Ultimate Flexibility, High Quality Audio

For high demanding environments such as meetings and conferences, getting perfect microphone solution can be a tough job, especially if you intend to use in for different applications or integrate it with other systems. Then of course, you also need to ensure the microphone system to deliver highest quality audio possible. It has been a growing trend that microphone manufacturers have started to offer HD microphones which are touted to provide top notch quality in diverse application. But then flexibility of installation becomes another concern for microphone systems used in meeting and conferences. Revolabs comes up with their latest microphone solution which is dubbed as Hybrid HD microphones to empower meetings and conferences like never before. As suggested by its name, Hybrid HD microphones is an array of microphones which offers high quality audio and flexible installation at the same time for a truly effective communication in meetings and conferences.

By flexible installation, Revolabs means it literally for their new Hybrid HD microphones which can be used as both wired and wireless microphones when and where needed. Sporting compact and sleek design, these Hybrid HD microphones will fit easily into any room configuration designed for meetings and conferences. But the most important thing is that users practically can put the HD microphones anywhere in the room during meetings and conferences. Be it connected to wire or wirelessly, the choice is yours. This way, you can definitely enjoy the optimal audio pickup for meetings and conferences every time. Really, Revolabs Hybrid HD microphones simply provides the best of both world wired and wireless microphones at your liking and requirements. Thing also gets better with the fact that Hybrid HD microphones is very easy to install and to use. When you need to adds more microphones, all you need is to attach the companion XLR adapter and you're all good to go. There is no need to install any audio wires for the additional microphones.

No matter how flexible microphone system can be, there is no way that you can make any compromise on audio performance for high demanding applications such as meetings and conferences. Revolabs Hybrid HD microphones leverages on Designed for Speech audio technology and RF Armor technology to ensure high clarity and high fidelity audio performance for your meetings and conferences. Whatever application you choose, wired or wireless, Revolabs Hybrid HD microphones will always live up to their task of delivering high quality audio performance while keeping flexible installation.

(Date: 16 May 2013; Lidya)

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