SHARP: The "Former" Leader in the LCD Panels

Ever since introducing the world’s first 14-inch color FT LCD TV in 1998, Sharp has led the industry’s LCD panel technology. Sharp newest manufacturing plant located in Sakai Japan has started operation in 2008 and now has been admitted as one of the top ten most advanced LCD panel manufacturing facility in the world. The plant is reportedly using 10th generation technology to produce the world’s largest LCD panel sheets, measuring 2.8 meters by 3 meters size where each sheet can produce six 60 inch sets or three 108 inch sets. Probably the thinnest and lightest than any LCD panels ever produced.

As said by Darren Gaffey, Product Planning and Marketing Manager & Visual Solution-Sharp Europe in an event to introduce Sharp 2013 product line-up. "As a market leader in LCD panels we are pioneerin the drive for thinner, brighter, higher resolution displays while reducing power consumption".

Back in 2010, Sharp introduced the new PN-“E” large-format professional LCD monitor suite, building on the company’s successful history in commercial displays. Offering a new thin bezel design for flexible mounting and placement options. The LCD panel combined superior image quality and reliable for 24 hours seven days a week use.

The combination of slim bezel and thin profile of Sharp LCD panels with a brushed metal finish provide a sleek appearance. Ensuring that Sharp PN-E LCD monitor series fit in with the aesthetic design of corporate board rooms, hotel lobbies, and other high profile settings. The slim character of the bezel additionally makes Sharp LCD panels ideal for video wall use.

The Sharp LCD panels are equipped with the thin-bezel LCD monitors spesifically designed to meet the diverse needs of commercial users. Made available in a wide range of screen sizes, the Sharp LCD panels within PN-E series are certified for use in a demanding environment for non-stop use. Yet, the Sharp LCD monitors in PN-E series have exceptionally low power consumption.

The capability of Sharp LCD monitors to operate in around-the-clock system is because the monitors utilize in an advanced fanless architecture that does not require mechanical air ventilation fans, instead operate silently with maximum reliability and minimal dust intake. Each types of Sharp LCD monitor is also available with integrated protective overlays.

Offering enhanced durability in high-traffic applications. In order to attest the Sharp LCD monitors quality and reliability, each Sharp LCD panels are supported by a 3-year-on-site limited warranty covering parts, labor and backlight.

Sharp PN-E LCD monitor also offers various options such as input/output expansion board, signage controller, and integrated protective overlays. Making the PN-E series LCD monitor compatible for either portrait or landscape modes. By using Sharp PN-E series, users will find permit to choose the best suited LCD panel for every location and end-user agreement. In addition of offering a dynamic and effective way to convey information, the Sharp LCD panel adds visual impact to offices and public display.

Picture quality is an important aspect in a display panel. Well, in that means... Sharp LCD panels deliver full 1920 x 1080 (1080p) resolution from virtually any analog or digital RGB source, or HD video source. A fine-print text and intricate graphics delivered by Sharp LCD panels are stunningly crisp and clear. Whether to be used for digital signage, command control or video conferencing, Sharp PN-E LCD monitor series displays bright, attention-grabbing imagery.

In principal, Sharp LCD monitors are designed to work virtually wherever, whenever and for whatever you need. The LCD panels are solidly built, ideal for use in almost every demanding environment. Because the PN-E LCD monitors utilize an advanced fan-less architecture that does not require mechanical air ventilation fan, the LCD panels operate silently with maximum reliability and with a minimum dust intake. Every each Sharp commercial display is backed by a 3-year on-site limited warranty covering parts, labor and backlight.

As one of many manufacturers that has been hardly hit by the invention of LED technology, Sharp is forced to work harder to keep up with the rest of the industry. Especially since the company has heavily invested in LCD panel manufacturing plants from the year 2000. The Sakai plant is still the only 10th generation LCD manufacturing plant on the globe that best fit for production of 60 inch above large panels. However, the 2008 financial crisis and strong Yen significantly lowered world demand for the Sharp’s LCD panels. Resulting to the very low operating rate in Sharp’s Sakai LCD plant until Fall 2012. Ironically, 2012 was the 100th anniversary for Sharp. But in the same year, Sharp announced the worst financial record in its history, followed by massive job cuts amongst Sharp employees.
After series unfortunate events, Sharp has started to produce displays in LED technology. Yet, as one of the world’s foremost LCD manufacturer, Sharp has continued to launch innovative invention on LCD panels. In March 2013, Sharp introduced a new large-format LCD monitor ideally placed to service the power and longevity requirements of pubs and clubs.

The product, Sharp PN-R903 LCD monitor is a 90 inch professional LCD monitor that means as a response to industry calls for more robust and energy-efficient viewing solutions. The Sharp LCD monitor is ideal for 24-hours use and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. Equipped by proprietary image enhancing technology improves response speed and viewing angles while delivering deep blacks and bright vivid colors so the picture is clearly visible even in bright lighting. Making the LCD monitor suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

The Sharp LCD monitor was firstly introduced in Australia considering the country’s lively pubs and clubs culture. “Pubs and clubs have positioned themselves as the entertainment hub within the community, provising entertainment and sporting zones using large screen technology,” said Sharp corporation Australia national marketing manager, Mark Beard. “Pubs and clubs are aware of their very competitive environment as their patrons become more discerning and demanding, and hospitality venues need to review their current entertainment offering so they can be one step ahead over their competitors.”

Sharp definitely has ‘sharp’ eyes on how they should cope with the crisis created by the use of LED technology. The company’s long history in the industry has definitely speak to itself.

(Date: 19 June 2013; Frida)

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