SMART Board Latest Interactive Surface Enables Effective Collaboration

When it comes to communication and collaboration, it is not only about getting your ideas heard or listen to other's ideas. Instead, we often have to really interact with each other and gives feedback over the shared ideas to actually understand each other perfectly or produce real solution. Be it for education or business, interactive surface is one of the better way to enjoy effective collaboration thanks to the enhanced interaction. Apart from the talking as you do in most discussion or casual chitchat, interactive surface enables you to convey your ideas in every way possible including with gestures, rich contents, or multiple applications and lets the other parties do the same. The point is to ensure effective collaboration where everyone is actively taking part to achieve common goals, which is exactly Smart Board Interactive Surface System 800 Series is all about. The latest interactive surface from SMART Board enables effective collaboration by featuring intuitive interaction and improved visuals.

By intuitive interaction, SMART Board literally means it since their latest interactive surface allows versatile input options with both digital pens and fingers for a truly effective collaboration. In fact, you can even use your palm or fist to erase drawings or writings made on the interactive surface. Inputs aside, you can actually use the supplied digital pen and your fingers to replace mouse function for making selection or navigating around on other application such as web browsers over this interactive surface. At its heart, the latest interactive surface solution from SMART Board is engineered to bring the most natural and engaging interaction to your work or school collaboration like never before. Leveraging on innovative DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology, users can be sure that their inputs, regardless of the types, is accurately captured and registered on SMART Board interactive surface. What's more, the new interactive surface also supports for simultaneously inputs by same or different type of inputs. Theoretically, any kind of gestures will work over this interactive surface as it supports multi-touch feature. You can tap and flick with a finger or try two-fingers gestures such as pinch to zoom, pan, and rotate. To make it easier to interact, all of the collaboration tools such as digital pens, eraser, input buttons, and other controls is strategically positioned at the front side of the interactive surface.

As any other recent interactive surfaces in the market, SMART Board latest interactive surface incorporates projection functionality to ensure effective collaboration. Especially for 800 series interactive surface, there is two options for the included projector: SMART UX80 and SMART UF75, each with their own strengths. While SMART UX80 offers higher brightness with improvement up to 65% for optimal viewing experience, SMART UF75 effectively cut down glare and shadows under various kind of lighting conditions. However, both are equally powerful as ultra-short throw projector which supports big screen projection at short distance and high definition contents up to 720p quality for effective collaboration every time.

To provide users in education and business applications with seamless interaction and effective collaboration, SMART Board latest interactive surface packs robust build with hard-coated steel surface which is durable for extended use and relatively low maintenance, which is just ideal for any scenario including presentation, projection, or video conference. To the extent of flexibility, users can easily link multiple units of this interactive surface together for large scale collaboration while keeping it manageable for instant sharing and interaction. At last, SMART Board decides to spice things up by adding in SMART Meeting Pro software which basically boasts a selection of extra functionalities to enhance interactive surface capability as well as drive most effective collaboration. Among the main features of the software is the digital ink to enable users to write over any applications and save it for later review or sharing purposes. In short, there is no doubt that SMART Board 800 Series interactive surface is one of the better way to achieve effective collaboration in both business and education applications.

Effective collaboration is believed to be a major key to increased work productivity and successful learning. SMART Board 800 Series interactive surface exists to enable effective collaboration in the first place by offering natural, intuitive style of interaction as well as nifty collaboration features. If visual is the the most important aspect to assess displays, interactive surface is measured by its capability to facilitate optimal interaction between participants. Therefore, SMART Board 800 Series interactive surface integrate latest multi-touch technology and natural interaction style. Dubbed as Digital Vision Touch or also known as DViT, the multi-touch technology is one of the latest SMART innovation which intelligently detects users inputs and other objects and acts accordingly. By allowing various input options and automatic input detection, your interaction is almost effortless and very natural since all you need to do is moving your fingers. With SMART Board 800 Series interactive surface, effective collaboration is right at your very own fingertips. No whatsoever button press is needed even for making selection or simply navigating around. This latest interactive surface also comes with on-screen keyboard and menus. To do projection or presentation, all you need to do is connecting the laptop to this interactive surface or [pull th contents over network and you're all set to collaborate.

Aside of intuitive interaction, SMART Board 800 Series is also comes equipped with SMART Meeting Pro software for enhanced functionalities and ensured effective collaboration. Like other interactive softwares, there are many collaboration tools available including collection of shapes and templates, to enrich your presentation. Or, try to synchronize your meeting notes or other shared materials during collaboration to other participants instantly via integration of Microsoft Exchange offered by this software. If necessary, users can also capture the screen, texts, or images display over the interactive surface and save into external storage or shared over the network. In case you got multiple units of interactive surface to work with, the software also supports for instant sharing and interaction between displays. Finally, the smart interactive surface is also fitted with SMART GoWire auto-launch to let participants from external parties such as clients, partners, or guests to enjoy the same advanced collaboration features provided by SMART Meeting Pro software without having to install it locally on their computers. SMART Board 800 Series interactive surface is available with two ultra short-throw projectors and two screen sizes (87 inch and 77 inch) to suit to your requirements.

(Date: 17 May 2013; Lidya)

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