SMS Wall Display Bracket Slim Series Comes with Increased Flexibility

Beauty is indeed in the eye of beholder. However, increased flexibility often can bring beauty to any devices. SMS Wall Display Bracket Slim Series is built to provide any displays out there with increased flexibility like never before for seamless, optimized installation. One of the common issues with commercial display installation is the bulky, far from seamless view because of the unfitting bracket albeit the perfect display. With SMS Wall Display Bracket Slim Series, you can enjoy seamless wall display LED installations every time. Introducing SMS Wall Display Bracket Slim Series, users can easily choose from three different models: SMS Slim Fixed, SMS Slim Flex, and SMS Slim Swing with each display bracket cater to different requirements while offering the same increased flexibility. By increased flexibility, SMS wall display bracket Slim series can be mounted to the wall at super close distance of only 5 mm for Slim Fixed Series. This way, users can mount their wall display to the wall as close as possible for seamless installation without any hassle. What's more, this wall display bracket under Slim Series also boasts easy mounting setup.

On different note, SMS Slim Flex wall display bracket provides increased flexibility with support for tilt function. In some wall display applications such as in digital signage or video wall installation, you may want to tilt the display at certain angle for easier and optimal viewing by audience. Problem is, most of wall display bracket only serves to prop your wall display on the fixed upright or horizontal orientation with any extra flexibility. SMS Slim Flex from SMS wall display bracket Slim Series enables you to enjoy seamless wall display installation with minimal distance to the wall while featuring extra tilt functionality for increased flexibility. Or, if you think SMS Slim Fixed and Slim Flex is not the ideal wall display bracket for your application, perhaps SMS Slim Swing is just the right cup of tea with even more increased flexibility. Unlike the other two wall display bracket under Slim Series, SMS Slim Swing is the most flexible of all with full supports for both rotate and swivel functionality. In other words, the display bracket allows more increased flexibility in terms of wall display installation as users practically can fully adjust the display position to suit their requirements. As such, users can feel reassured that their wall display installation can deliver best viewing experience with optimal viewing angle to the target audience regardless of their position.

For your wall display installation to be effective and optimal, there is basically two contributing aspects: the displat itself and the display bracket which supports it. You may have get yourself a perfect super slim LED display and get ready to build your ideal wall display installation. But then it turns out that the display bracket just does not goes well with the display because of its thick form factor or less flexible design. SMS is always committed to meet and exceed customer expectations for bracket solutions. In this case, they develop the new wall display bracket under Slim Series which not only make sure your wall display installation blends perfectly with the surroundings but also feature increased flexibility to cater to diverse requirements at different time. For instance, you may require to configure your wall display installation for big screen presentation at the board room but at other times you may need the wall display to mount very close to the wall for seamless video wall installation.

Of course, you can also expect that SMS wall display bracket Slim Series will match your latest LED display models which is generally super thin. In fact, the new display bracket under Slim Series makes it easier to mount your thin displays to the wall like never before with virtually no issue such as extension minimal distance or complicated setup. Aesthetic-wise, the triplet wall display bracket under Slim Series will definitely earn a nod from any designer in any wall display installation with its good looking, minimalist designs which happen to come with silver/black/white finish to match your modern-looking sleek wall displays. Still design-wise, SMS also ensures that their slim wall display bracket is built to last with robust construction which can holds any large wall display installation with various screen sizes and weight up to 30 kg. In relation to increased flexibility, the new wall display bracket provides an easy answer to issue of space limitation for wall display installation. Depending on your applications, some wall display installation may require you to optimize the space utilization because there is no extra room. With minimal extension distance offered by SMS Wall Display Bracket Slim Series, users can mount their thin displays to the wall as close as possible and still got a little room for access.

SMS Slim Fixed

SMS Slim Fixed is one of the wall display bracket designed especially for wall display installation which requires seamless view with minimal extension. While taking up more space, bulky wall display bracket may also result in less optimal wall display because it does not really blend to its surroundings. For an ideal wall display installation, it is best that the display does get extended too far from the wall. However, there is usually minimal distance between the display and the wall. SMS Slim Fixed wall display bracket is designed to solve the problems by allowing the most minimal distance of display to the wall and thus seamless wall display installation as well as perfect blend with your environments. The display bracket allows you to mount your thin display to the wall at only 5 mm for super think wall display installation. To suit different applications, this slim wall display bracket will be available in three different configurations to prop up various screen sizes ranging from 32 inch to 60 inch.

SMS Slim Flex

Offering different extent of increased flexibility, SMS Slim Flex wall display bracket enables users to tilt their thin display for certain kind of applications to ensure optimal viewing experience for audience. Unlike general fixed display bracket which prop up the display at single position, users can easily tilt the screen forward and backwards up to 15 degree for a truly increased flexibility. What's more, you also get to tilt and adjust big screen by retracting it with hands alone instead of particular tools. This wall display bracket may not be as superb as the Fixed series in terms of minimal distance to the wall, but you got the tilt function after all to make up for it.

SMS Slim Swing

Increased flexibility seems to take the center of stage in case of SMS Slim Swing. This wall display bracket is by all means the most flexible of all three models under Slim Series. If Slim Fixed supports no whatsoever other adjustment option and Slim Flex offers only tilt function, this wall display bracket overpowers them by featuring rotate and swivel functionality all the way up to 180 degree for ultimately increased flexibility. Plus, the display bracket is also incredibly easy to install with relatively slim distance to the wall at 33 mm.

(Date: 15 May 2013; Lidya)

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