Samsung LFD Packs Up Advanced Features to Enhance Business Applications

Whenever display is mentioned, Samsung is likely to be the first brand popped in our mind. While entering the display industry not that early as compared to some Japanese and Taiwan display manufacturers, Samsung has been paving its path of success pretty early and get top the top rows in no time. Their display portfolio is among the most comprehensive ones around the globe with diverse range of display in various sizes, type, quality, and prices. Not only Samsung has been making displays for end consumers but also business applications and commercial users alike. No matter what the type, size, or prices or the display, Samsung seeks to provide users with best display solution for every need including business applications. Samsung Large Format Display or also known as Samsung LFD, for example, is armed with dozen advanced features to help users to enhance their business application by optimizing interaction with their prospective customers and other audience. Unlike standard display, Samsung LFD is on different league altogether with advanced features, enhanced design, and superior flexibility to offer to business applications. It is a common fact that enhancing interaction with your customers is one of the most effective way to boost performance in business applications. However, it does not necessarily means that any LFD will do.

Samsung LFD comes in broad range of sizes and types to meet different requirements of your business applications, from outdoor installation to mission-critical applications. If you are not sure which Samsung LFD will suit your business applications, the best bet is to check out the advanced features offered. Especially for outdoor installation, Samsung LFD boasts high performance panel display for ensured wide viewing angles and thus optimal visual experience for the audience every time. That said, being outdoor means you have to deal unwanted excessive sunlight. To solve the problem and keep optimal viewing experience for your business applications, Samsung LFD simply sports high brighntess level up to whopping 1500 cd/m2 as well as special film coating to minimize the reflection and enhance visibility. As expected for any products built for business applications, all of Samsung LFD lineups also offers unrivaled durability for 24/7 kind of operation without making any compromise on performance or flexibility. In fact, outdoor models of Samsung LFD is designed to be weather proof with minimal maintenance requiring, making it most ideal for high demanding environments such as business applications.

If you think advanced features is all Samsung LFD lineup has to offer, you are totally mistaken as they also comes with enhanced design and cutting-edge core technologies. When it comes to display, aesthetic is as important as the image performance itself. As such, Samsung does not leave out the design aspect for their Samsung LFD lineup in any ways. To allow for seamless large format display installation, Samsung LFD is fitted with super slim bezels which is virtually invisible at 19,6 mm for optimal viewing experience in your business applications. In a way, the slimmer bezel of the Samsung LFD will definitely save space for more flexible option of installation. And of course it goes without saying that Samsung LFD is likely to easily attract your audience to whatever visuals or messages displayed on the large format display installation because of the sleek appealing form factor. If any, the key to slimmer design but optimal performance of Samsung LFD lies in the heart of cutting-edge LED technologies.

Recent models of Samsung LFD is powered by none but the ever popular LED technology which also empowers many of Samsung display products for both consumer and business applications including television, tablet, smartphones, and monitors. With the LED technology, Samsung LFD lineups is able to deliver best visual experience while overcoming most of common problems with large format display installation such as power consumption, heat issues, and durability aspects. For now, Samsung LFD lineup for business applications is available with two different type of LED lighting: Edge LED and Direct LED, each offering advantages on their own as well as common benefits of LED technology. LED lighting especially comes handy to help Samsung LFD in delivering best image performance with high brightness and vivid colors while keeping power consumption low, which is very favorable for business applications thanks to the reduced electrcity costs. That's aside, better energy management offered by LED technology also makes Samsung LFD solutions last longer despite the around the clock operation and high performance all the time. All in all, Samsung LFD is easily a viable answer to those wishing to give their business applications some significant boost through enhanced interaction with customers.

Advanced Features

To get people attention and to make impression is two different things and in a lot of cases, both things begin right from visuals or what you see. Big-sized screen may be eye catching enough to make people turning their head but to not necessarily enough to capture people attention and leaves impression. Samsung LFD lineups packs up a multitude of advanced features to allow optimal viewing experience for audience in your business applications. Samsung LFD is built to impress with high brightness, vivid images in any lighting conditions, both for indoor and outdoor installation thanks to the hgih quality panel used. Like said before, business applications show no room for error and compromise if you are to enjoy best result. The same goes for large format display installation. Samsung LFD display panel boasts Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and wide viewing angles up to 178 degree horizontally and vertically. For extra protection under 24/7 extreme operation, all of the Samsung LFD products come equipped with additional hardened glass on top of the PVA panel.

Other advanced features include generous connectivity options and flexible control options to simplify large format display installation in business applications. In terms of connectivity, Samsung LFD features a number of handy interfaces such as DVI-D, HDMI, D-Sub, CVBS, and most importantly Display Port which provides alternative long distance control option. As for control, users can either control their Samsung LFD individually or go with multi control option for multi-display installation which is pretty commonplace in business applications. Both control options are readily available via integrated RJ-45 and RS232 ports. To top things off, Samsung LFD allows users to schedule content playback ahead of the time with the smart scheduling feature for a truly efficient installation.

(Date: 21 May 2013; Lidya)

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