Samsung Latest Smart LED TV Set to Transform Entertainment Experience

Believe it or not, TV is different from other consumer electronics devices in your home or offices. It is very powerful to the point to drive you smiling, laughing, crying, or pondering at different times. And just think how many people spending their time with TV in their lifetime. But as with other things, TV also bears its own hatred from some people at the other end. Simply said, TV has evolved in a way you never image from time to time to receive both love and hatred from people around the globe. Despite the fact, this time Samsung tries to help each and every one to rediscover the TV they once or still love all these time with their latest Smart LED TV which is also set to transform entertainment experience like never before. Previously, the only interaction possible with your TV is you switching channels or controls via the bundled remote control. Now with Samsung latest Smart LED TV, TV interaction is forever changed thanks to the Smart Interaction feature which see new improvements in the F8000 Series.

If former Smart LED TV Series enables you to interact with TV using gestures, voices and motions, this time users are encouraged to literally ask for recommendation about what to watch or new contents available or even which apps are the best for the ultimate entertainment experience. Dubbed as S-Recommendation with Voice Interaction, the new feature in the refreshed Smart LED TV really introduces the whole new level of entertainment experience altogether. Even, Samsung claims that its new Smart LED TV is smart enough to actually respond to full sentences users used to ask for suggestion.

Other new improvements offered in this Smart LED TV Series is the revamped Smart Hub which nows arranges contents, apps, widgets, and other elements in clutter-free and intuitive layout as commonly found in smartphone or tablet home screen. Finally, Samsung is back with another version of Evolution Kit known as 2013 Evolution kit to enhance their Smart LED TV to deliver ultimate entertainment experience every time. Basically an enhanced version of the previous Evolution Kit, this latest version helps to keep your Smart LED TV powerful over time with the same excellent entertainment experience. It is especially comes handy if you got older Smart LED TV and would like to enjoy the new features but has no budget to replace the entire set with a new one. Included in the 2013 Smart Evolution Kit is the quad-processor to foster the performance of your Smart LED TV and thus smooth viewing experience and flawless entertainment experience.

If you ever come across Samsung Smart LED TV or happen to be a big of fan of their Smart LED TV, a revamped design is only a natural thing to expect with every refreshed lineup. Apparently, Samsung considers aesthetic and design aspect to be equally essential as the performance and features in order to provide users with best entertainment like never before. After all, you would not want some TV hailed as Smart LED TV but looks shabby, stupid and unconvincing. With the new Smart LED TV F8000 Series, Samsung presents the state-of-art sophistication with new half-moon on water inspired arc stand which is sure to receive nods from most artists out there while winning over hearts of movie enthusiasts around the globe.

With several screen sizes ranging from 55 inch to the immense 75 inch, this Smart LED TV also comes very sleek with ultra thin bezels as slim as 0,25 inch offering refined look for any modern living room and entertainment houses. Of course it also goes without saying that the super narrow bezel of the Smart LED TV will ensure immersive entertainment experience. Apart from outer apperances, Samsung is back with even more whistles and bells on the visual department for their next generation Smart LED TV. Featuring latest technologies such as Clear Motion Rate 1000 Hz, 3D HyperReal Engine, and Micro Dimming Ultimate, the new Samsung Smart LED TV definitely tick all the boxes to deliver entertainment experience like never before. The latter feature, Micro Dimming Ultimate, becomes one of the ultimate recipe for Samsung Smart LED TV to produce brilliant life-like images with stunning colors every time regardless of the content sources. In fact, the Smart LED TV will optimize any content you wish to display for best entertainment experience possible.

New Level of Interaction

Originally, TV is built as technology to keep people entertained and spend their leisure time with. Since it is intended more for relaxation purposes, it is only expected that it lets you loosen up in every way possible including to interact with it. From such understanding, Samsung has put great effort to develop TV which is not smart in that they entertain people with many different ways but also easy to control for a truly effortless entertainment experience. Their latest Smart LED TV F8000 Series is just a perfect embodiment of the ideas. Among other things, the new Smart LED TV allows you to interact with your TV like never before. In fact, the level of interaction offered by the Smart LED TV has come closer than ever to how you actually interact with other people. Only, you mean to control the devices for the most part. However, both interactions are very similar each other in that the TV tries to respond to you based on the data they've been gathering about you including the preferences.

Unlike conventional TV where the only way to communicate with your TV is the remote control, Samsung new Smart LED TV makes it possible to communicate with your TV via gestures and voices for enhanced entertainment experience. To turn on the TV, you simply "greets" the TV by saying Hi, TV and it will turned on just like that. Or try to wave your hands towards the built-in sensors like you are calling people. Every single interaction with the Smart LED TV feels very natural, engaging and most importantly, effortless. If you think motion and voice command controls are awesome, it's only half the part of it since the new Smart LED TV F8000 also incorporates new S-Recommendation with Voice Interaction feature. As explained before, the smart feature essentially further enhancd the interaction with your Smart LED TV by allowing TV to makes suggestion of contents, apps, or TV programs for you based on the relevance with your viewing history or latest entries. Finally, the smart interaction also gets extended to mobile devices with users able to mirror any contents to their connected personal devices almost instantly and wirelessly while the same contents are running on the bigger screen for group viewing. In summary, Samsung has redefines the meaning of interaction and the entire entertainment experience with their latest Smart LED TV.

(Date: 10 May 2013; Lidya)

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