Samsung MagicInfo Brings Infinite Possibilities to Large Displays

Big, stunning, and immersive visuals is a dream of many users in business and advertising landscape to deliver their contents and messages. Samsung takes the responsibility and makes it true with the latest Samsung MagicInfo which brings infinite possibilities to your existing Samsung video wall, large format display, and digital signage solution. The future of business display solution is here. Right here, right now with the nifty Samsung MagicInfo software. Looking beyond the massive size of video wall, digital signage or large format display, Samsung delivers texts, messages, images, videos, and all other multimedia contents like it is meant to be in an amazing, life-like visual experience thanks to the groundbreaking Samsung MagicInfo software. Upload, play and manage your contents anytime, anywhere from remote sever or web browser. Or, take your audience to deep into artistic or theatrical applications with infinite possibilities of shapes, layouts, and installation. Display and customize your contents like never before with Samsung MagicInfo. Users can also enjoy total freedom to tailor and personalize contents to display in video wall, digital signage, or large format display. No matter preloaded contents, streamed contents, or scheduled contents, Samsung MagicInfo is all set to help to publish them and make impression almost instantly, whenever and wherever needed, There is also scene editor feature which lets you change or edit the content in real time and get it published in any networked Samsung video wall, digital signage, and large format display at any chances.

When it comes to visual, size does matter but the way you presents matters even more. Unleash your creativity and deliver your messages around the globe in an instant with Samsung MagicInfo. Indulge in infinite possibilities in organizing and display contents via a convenient we-based portal. No additional PC or player required. All you need to do is installing Samsung MagicInfo on the networked displays and PCs and you are all set to inform, inspire, or engage your audience like never before with life-size visual experience and specific real-time contents right away.

In general, Samsung MagicInfo is available in three different version based on its applications for video wall, digital signage, and large format display. The three of them offers the same infinite possibilities of showcasing your contents and creates greater impacts with the same handy instant remote management concept of Samsung Magicinfo software. What's more, the latest Samsung MagicInfo software actually supports up to 250 screen for the real immersive vision, be it horizontally or vertically. Expect to enjoy high quality visuals from end to end and see the literally big picture across the entire displays. The puzzle is now finished and the infinite possibilities are yours. All in all, Samsung MagicInfo allows easy instant content management and delivery via remote web-based interface in real time, anywhere, anytime.

Samsung MagicInfo Lite

Samsung MagicInfo Lite is the most basic version of Samsung MagicInfo. It is basically a propietary player application which enables users to easily play exisiting or new contents stored internal storage, external storage, or local server on the networked display. In its most fundamental application, users can play contents right from internal storage with AutoPlay function or external storage like USB flashdrive. Next, Samsung MagicInfo Lite also features Local Schedule Manager, which mainly works to play the contents based on pre-defined schedule as defined by users. You can determine what time and which content to play on the networked displays. Lastly, of course users also get to enjoy instant remote management tool with Samsung MagicInfo Lite. All they need to do is connecting to MagicInfo Lite Server, open up a browser and they start to manage content immediately. However, note that each Samsung MagicInfo version has different multimedia supports. Again, Samsung MagicInfo offers infinite possibilities to optimize your display solutions in delivering contents the way you like it. Be it video wall, digital signage, or large format display. It is the content that matters most.

Samsung MagicInfo VideoWall

As expected, Samsung MagicInfo VideoWall aims to get the most from your video wall solution. Similar to Samsung MagicInfo Lite version, users can display contents from various sources, internally, externally, or over the cloud. The main difference, however, Samsung MagicInfo VideoWall also allows users to create contents, not just playing them with the additional authoring tool called Samsung MagicInfo VideoWall Author. Users can create practicall any multimedia contents from audio, images, or videos. In many ways, there is also a little different mechanism in getting the contents published as compared to the Samsung MagicInfo Lite version. In Samsung MagicInfo VideoWall, users manage the contents in VideoWall Console, which basically works similar to Server in Samsung MagicInfo Lite but offers more advanced settings and functionalities including Scene Editor function. Among the interesting settings are Publish Now feature which allows users to easily schedule contents and get it published at any convenient time. That aside, users with creative video wall installation such as photo wall or artistic showcases can certainly benefit from irregular video wall feature which allows content playback in non-matrix video wall setup to create greater impacts and audience engagement. Lastly, Samsung MagicInfo VideoWall also comes fitted with Scene Editor function where you can add, integrate, or edit contents played in the networked video wall in real time. This function also includes layout and scene modifications.

Samsung MagicInfo i-Premium

Samsung MagicInfo i-Premium is the last as well as most advanced remote management among the three. It is primarily intended to be used with digital signage platform as cost-effective solution for content management in networked multi display setup. Designed with large scale corporate and enterprise level in mind, Samsung MagicInfo i-Premium offers support for content management and playback up to 500 displays simultaneously from the same single remote interface. When combined with the easy access and content customization, the infinite possibilities are really there for you to use. The web-based management tool in Samsung MagicInfo i-Premium consists of comprehensive tools for creating, editing, publishing, and playing the contents. With the Samsung MagicInfo i-Premium authoring tool, you can create dynamic contents with more complex layout or play with multi-zone instead. What's more, it also features Samsung MagicInfo i-Premium Network system which introduces centralized control system across the networked screens in multiple sites; enabling content access and management by connecting to the server via the web browser. It is also convenient for those with multiple administrators because Samsung MagicInfo i-Premium enable multiple users at the same time. As for contents, Samsung Magicinfo i-Premium is compatible with extensive format of multimedia files including HTML standard and vector file formats.

(Date: 03 April 2013; Lidya)

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