Samsung Video Wall Opens Up New Visual Experience with Square Display

In a lot of public places and workplaces, there is a growing trend that the wall is adorned with some multi-displays stacked together like a giant puzzle showing different contents at different times. The most common thing you may have seen is what looks like recorded videos about public services or company profiles. But sometimes you may also come to encounter product advertising. They are all called video wall, which is designed especially to bring a different visual experience to target audience. While they are widely used in commercial applications, video walls actually offers infinite possibilities for various applications including creative visuals. Among the latest entries to the video wall scene is Samsung Video Wall UD22B which seeks to open up new visual experience with square display. Unlike the standard rectangular display, Samsung Video Wall UD22B uses square display to create a completely immersive visual experience in a variety of point of sale and advertising displays.

Designed primarily to make impacts and introduce stunning visual experience, the new Samsung Video Wall not only comes out unbelievably stylish with square display, super narrow bezels, and flexible installation options but also features direct LED backlight technology to enhance overall image quality while improving energy efficiency. Touted as one of the slimmest video wall around the globe with bezel as thin as 5,5 mm, Samsung video wall UD22B basically offers the most seamless visual experience you can imagine, supporting up to 100 displays via daisy-chain mechanism for any creative or artistic applications. But if any, perhaps the main highlight with this new Samsung video wall solution is its square display, which is the first in the world to be used with video wall application. With such unique combination, Samsung video wall UD22B is ready to deliver dramatic visual experience. Multi-display is a common setup with video wall but Samsung UD22B makes it totally different with square display concept and super narrow bezels because users can easily come up with any kind of installation for different space and requirements for an immersive visual experience every time. Comes in 21,6 inch size, the new Samsung video wall UD22B is equipped with Samsung MagicInfo software as well as a host of connectivity options such as RJ45 and built in RS232 Control Port.

Displays have several shapes and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. While the most common one you may find is the rectangular ones, square display seems to have its own limelight. In the case of Samsung video wall UD22B, the square display play a significant role in creating dazzling visual experience because it can be easily configured to fit any requirements thanks to the unique ration of 1:1. You can practically make them into cubic or irregular video wall setup without a hitch for artistic applications for example. What's more, the square display may actually attract audience more than the standard rectangular ones not only because of the somewhat extraordinary shape but also the single seamless vivid imagery it evokes. In some cases, the super narrow bezels in Samsung video wall UD22B actually create even more strong impacts with near flawless screen to screen visual presentation. And it goes without saying that Samsung video wall UD22B will provide the highest quality image with superior clarity, brightness, and vibrant colors. Plus, you get all this breath-taking visual experience without having to worry over power consumption.

Since video wall is tailored for 24/7 kind of operation, it becomes sensible that the new Samsung video wall leverages on LED backlight technology to deliver best visual experience while keeping the cost low. In particular, Samsung video wall UD22B is armed with Direct LED backlighting in which the LED bulb is positioned on the sides of the screen; directing heats away and reduce power consumption while maintain high brightness for optimal visual experience. Higher energy efficiency with Samsung video wall is also made possible because the square display actually automatically adjust the brightness, contrast, and color balance accordingly to the ambient lights. Finally, Samsung video wall UD22B also enable easy and handy content creation, delivery, and management with the proprietary powerful Samsung MagicInfo Videowall software. To conclude, if you are out for a versatile video wall solution, Samsung video wall UD22B ticks all the boxes with unique square display, super narrow bezel, and LED backlighting technology. Just all you need to create a living wall and the most breath-taking visual experience.

Dramatic Visual Experience

With visual, it's really all about impression. So if you look to create an engaging or thrilling visual experience, all you need to do is making sure your presentation make impacts. But then making impacts is not easy matter. At this point, your mind may already wander far to the complicated setup, multiple additional equipments, and most importantly the huge amount of installation cost. With Samsung video wall UD22B, you do not have concern with any of those issues. Samsung video wall UD22B is ready to deliver stunning visual experience with square display which offers infinite possibilities to any applications you need. Single or multiple display. Horizontal or vertical configuration. One or a hundred units. The versatile square display of this Samsung video wall open up infinite possibilities for you to create impacts and visual experience in any way you like. Unleash your creativity and feel free to design your ideal video wall configuration for your needs with UD22B. In the first place, the square display boasts aspect ratio 1:1 and 21,6 inch, making it just the right solution for any video wall applications regardless of the space availability. With its compact, space-saving, and flexible shape, the square display also adds new perspective to video wall applications, particularly for creative or artistic wall since users can more easily reconfigure them for different type of installations.
Things only get better since Samsung video wall UD22B also sports super narrow bezels at only 5,5 m thick. For one, users can make the video wall to display an extra large single image over multiple screens to produce highest impact. Or, they can also choose to display multiple images or contents across different screens. Together, the square display and super narrow bezel in Samsung video wall UD22B provides limitless opportunity to create dramatic visual experience like never before, engaging your audience.

Improved Efficiency

It surely take times to make impression to your audience, save for delivering your messages. On that ground, video wall is designed to operate on 24/7 basis. As such, users may have concern about the power consumption as it relates to electricity and maintenance costs. But none of these issues will happen with Samsung video wall UD22B. Above all, this Samsung video wall solution is powered by Direct LED backlighting technology which offers better energy management while still ensuring best visual experience possible. Unlike standard backlight technology, Direct LED backlighting works wonder to drive higher energy efficiency by adjusting display brightness and contrast to ambient light. In other words, it makes the display to emit lights where and when necessary. That aside, this feature also tends to drive away heats from the video wall display as the LED bulbs are located in the side and rear of the displays.

On different note, users may also appreciate that Samsung video wall UD22B is equipped with flexible connectivity options such as DVI, HDMI, RJ45, and RS232 as well as intelligent Multi Display Control Solution. With all these handy features, users can easily connect multiple display and manage contents across the entire set without much fuss over wired or wireless connection. Even, they can also schedule contents to be delivered at defined time and place for optimal results.

(Date: 17 April 2013; Lidya)

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