Scala Digital Signage Engage Audience Like Never Before

Reaching your audience and getting through your message are important in communication process, including in corporate communication and commercial applications. However, with today's information technology advances, they are not enough. You have to engage audience instead. By engaging audience, you not only be able to deliver the messages but also get them to speak it out to other for your sake. In a way, it's like a viral marketing. But how exactly to successfully engage audience? Scala digital signage aims to engage audience like never before. With Scala digital signage, you are simply be able to engage audience in any way imaginable, like never before. You can get them to know your products or companies. You can get them to try out the newly-developed products. Or, you can just deliver the information that matter to the audience

Built as a complete end-to-end solution, Scala digital signage comes equipped with digital signage software which consists of Scala Designer, Scala Player, and Scala Content Manager. Among other things, Scala digital signage allows you to easily tailor your contents to engage audience in every way possible because it is full customizable. To engage audience effectively, users are welcome to use any kind of programming languages such Java Script, Pyhton, or VB Script to develop your digital content and play it on networked displays. Next, Scala digital signage also makes it easier to manage contents practically from anywhere with any connected devices thanks to the web-based management interface; making it easier and more convenient to engage audience every time. Users can easily add, edit, or remove contents in real time to engage audience of different segments or with a variety of demographics.

To further extent, you can also go for the interactive contents with Scala digital signage in order to engage audience even more deeply by getting them experience the services or products in first hand, rather than only seeing it. In terms of retail and commercial applications, digital signage can be used to engage audience by involving audience as active participants in choosing and buying the products or services. That way, customers will be more likely to return because they believe they have the same important role in the whole buying process. And that's exactly what Scala digital signage has to offer. Be it corporate communication, retail business, or any commercial applications, Scala digital signage seeks to deliver your message, engage your audience, transform the whole visual experience like never before.

Great visuals and interactive contents are two most common ways to get attention but make no mistake it is not what you should go after. In these highly competitive environment, you need to make your messages stand out among other millions of messages coming to the audience. One way is to rely on Scala digital signage. Backed up with 25 years of expertise and experience, Scala digital signage offers a proven end-to-end solution to engage audience like never before; not only delivering your messages but making high impact on the audience. Scala digital signage supports both touch interactive displays and non-touch displays to deliver your message to the right audience, on the right time, at the right place. It allows you to engage audience effectively and efficiently with fully-customizable contents from static, Flash-based, or entirely interactive ones in a variety of format, be it images or video.

What's more, Scala digital signage also offers easy-to-use and versatile content management software. Users can easily distribute and manage contents from a web-based interface with any computer available. Also included in the content management software of Scala digital signage is scheduling function which enables different contents to be displayed and delivered in different locations at different time to engage audience of different markets or demographics. Scalability is another essential aspect in digital signage deployment and Scala digital signage just delivers it with integrity. Scala digital signage has been around the globe to help companies and organizations to engage audience with one screen or thousand screens alike. They are very flexible and works seamlessly with any hardware of any manufacturers. Of course, these Scala digital signage also display contents from various kind of sources and platforms in both single and multiple screens. In a nutshell, Scala digital signage is just the right answer to help you to engage the audience like never before with full customization options, high scalability and easy management.

Complete, Fully-Customized Solution

Digital signage in general is a powerful tool of communications. Scala digital signage makes it even more powerful by offering a complete end-to-end fully customized solution to engage audience like never before, effortlessly. Scala digital signage presents Scala digital signage software which highlights Scala Designer, Scala Player, and Scala Content Manager as a "holy triangle" to engage audience like never before.

In the first place, Scala Designer is a tool to help you design high impact content to engage your audience in anyway possible. Scala Designer includes a myriad of tools to create rich videos and images like never before; integrating dynamic elements of different format, transition effects, and layout altogether for a visually attractive and interactive contents. The file format supported in the Scala digital signage includes all the general standard codecs like JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIFF for images, H.264, MPG, AVI, WMV, and SWF for videos, and MP3 and WAV for audio. Other supports include Photoshop plug-in and text crawls. And even if you have no idea or material to start with, Scala digital signage makes it easy for you to engage audience. Scala Designer packs tons of stock images, background, stock videos, and clip arts which you can borrow inspiration from and develop unique concepts for contents. Alternatively, check out the collection of template design in Scala digital signage designer. No more need to do the layout, simply rearrange the position or just add in the text and the multimedia parts. Finally, Scala digital signage is compatible with various different kind of programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, and VBScript for easy integration to existing systems when and where needed.

On different light, Scala digital sigange also got Scala Content Manager which lets users define and customize what, when, where, and how to deliver their custom-made contents and to whom. To engage audience at different places or of different segments, you should either customize your contents in particular way or make a certain playlist and schedule the contents to be played at specific condition. Scala Content Manager make it possible for you to control and manage which contents to be played in what locations and what time; providing you the opportunity to really engage audience like never before - in real time.

High Scalability

With any investment including infrastructure and devices, you have to be careful that it can both yield expected results and support for future expansion. If you intend to use the product or service for short term application or in limited units or certain area, then scalability is not really a big issue. But for long term it is, though. Your companies or organization may becomes bigger for sure, in terms of sizes or value, and thus scalability if all related investment is crucial. The same goes for digital signage which is primarily designed to reach wide audience in multiple places for extended period of time. In fact, most of the digital signage operates on 24/7 basis so scalability is a must have. Scala digital signage is one of the most highly-scalable digital signage solutions out there. You can easily setup multiple screens, networked screens up to thousand units. You can use almost every brand and type of hardware with Scala digital signage and they still works wonder every time. If there should be any expansion, be it additional screens or network upgrades, Scala digital signage is ready to come along, offering easy upgradeability and reliable performance after to engage audience like never before.

Easy Management

With a lot of messages to deliver to different target audience in different places at different time, managing contents in digital signage can prove tough. However, Scal digital signage simplifies it for you with Scala Content Manager. Adding, updating, and managing all the contents can be done in a single web-based interface, easily and conveniently from any connected devices. Users also do not have to worry over complicated management process because Scala Content Manager comes with a relatively intuitive interface which is easy to navigate around and use. Basically, you can do whatever you want with your contents without a hitch with Scala digital signage since everything is generally provided. Some handy features include Smart Playlist and Smart Content Distribution which automatically play contents based on playback history and publish new or updated contents respectively. For recorded contents, users can also schedule contents to be played in certain networked displays on certain locations at certain date and time; allowing effective and efficient message delivery to engage audience like never before.

(Date: 15 April 2013; Lidya)

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