Sharp Announces New LED Large Format Display for Digital Signage Market

Big is beautiful. It is indeed a true statement when we come to know Sharp latest ultra-large LED large format displays which is aimed at digital signage market. The latest large format display lineup from Sharp foes not only feature gigantic screen sizes up to 90 inch but also magnificent image quality, superb energy efficiency, and advanced connectivity as well as plethora of nifty features to make it more appealing to the growing digital signage market.

Say, what you expect from a large format display? Most people will certainly think of the gargantuan screen size as the ideal criteria. But then, how big is big enough? With their new ultra large LED large format display portfolios, Sharp is ready to go big and make impacts. Imagine just how awesome your visual experience will be with a massive 90 inch screen which is not only boast incredibly high level of clarity but also deliver life-like details and colors of high definition images.

Developed under PN-R series, these brand new large format display will be available in three different types: PN-R603, PN-R703, and PN-R903, indicating its variant screen sizes of 60", 70", and 90". Each of the new large format display will continue to retain some of the groundbreaking technologies from previous Sharp large format display lineups including Sharp UV2A LCD technology and strikingly high brightness for excellent image reproduction. That aside, the new large format display will also promote lower power consumption thanks to either full-array LED backlighting (in PN-R903 variant) or edge-lit LED backlighting (in both PN-R603 and PN-R703 variants). And because it is targeted at the digital signage market, it goes without saying that the large format display is build to survive around the clock, 24/7 kind of operation. While 90" PN-R903 is likely to suit retail digital signage market better, the slim profiles of 60" and 70" PN-R603 and PN-R703 can cater to wider indoor digital signage market applications. Featuring a streamlined stylish design, the large format display measures only 39,4 mm at its thickest point. Sharp new ultra large LED large format display will enter the market in first quarter of 2013.

Bringing image to life is something used to be good to be true or at least it is before the introduction of Sharp PN-R903 LED large format display. With the massive 90", PN-R903 LED large format display does not talk about large size matter only but also immersive impact of visual experience offered by it, especially to the digital signage market which relies a lot on visual impression. At monsterly big 90" screen, this large format display speaks out truth when saying it offers life-size images. The large format display is capable of displaying people in its real sizes, around 2 meters or even amplifies it a little more; bringing a total revolution to digital signage market. And if you think the big picture is the end of story, you are very mistaken. PN-R903 large format display makes it even more brilliant performance with Full HD 1920 X 1080 resolution; delivering a remarkable visual and graphics for diverse applications while captivate your audience.

Interestingly, Sharp actually demonstrates the application of its ultra-large LED large format display in several cool concepts such as virtual dressing room and electronic concierge; implicitly addressing its ideal fir for fashion, retail, and hospitality industry of digital signage market. In fact, Sharp is proud enough to claim its PN-R903 LED large format display as the first to be able to display the true life-size images. To top things off, PN-R903 large format display is also engineered to fit both portrait and landscape orientation while equipped with optional media player PC, further polishing it as ideal solution for digital signage market.

Stunning Picture Quality

When it comes to display, picture quality comes first and it is no different with large format display. However, Sharp new LED large format display PN-R903 levels it up by delivering breath-taking images with stunning clarity at life-like size for higher impact thanks to the proprietary Sharp UV2 technology. UV2A stands for Ultraviolet-induced Multi-domain Vertical Alignment which basically a VA-panel based technology with photo-alignment feature to produce brightest white and deepest black at the same opportunity by effectively absorbing and reflecting backight while preventing any backlight leakage. That aside, the excellent quality of PN-R903 large format display also owes to the built-in full-array LED backlight. Unlike the edge-lit LED backlight which only covers the corners of display, full-array LED backlight ensures the entire panel receives the same backlight intensity and amount and thus result in uniformly bright images.

While the full-array LED backlight helps to optimize overall picture quality, the high native brightness level of Sharp PN-R903 LED large format display also accounts for the magnificent images. Boasting brightness of 700 cd/m2, this LED large format display is also among the brightest display in the digital signage market. As such, users with digital signage applications can feel reassured that PN-R903 large format display will retain optimal visibility under both indoor and outdoor settings with bright lighting systems or sunlight. Then of course, you cannot exclude the Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel from this gigantic large format display. What's more, it also supports the similar resolution regardless of the various inouts from RGB, HDMI, and or any digital video sources.

Rich in Features, Flexible Solution

One of the most redeeming features of large format display for digital signage market is versatility of features and Sharp PN-R903 large format display simply ticks all the boxes. In fact, you can also expect more than that. In the first place, the massive 90" large format display supports for both portrait and landscape installation for digital signage. If you intend to use the large format display such as virtual dressing room or window display, a portrait orientation will delive the best result because of the full-bodied poster effect. On the other hand, landscape installations is a great choice to put video wall on a show.

Next, it also has superior durability to survive strenuous 24/7 use commonly found for digital signage market. Sharp convinces the consumers that their big boy is a an excellent performer and will continue to function at its peak under weather and long wear. In terms of features, dual screen display or picture-in-picture (PIP) mode can be a good use if you need split-screen viewing for example when displaying both recorded and real-time contents from two different sources. For those considering video wall type of digital signage configuration, PN-R903 large format display will create a spectacular view with Mirror Display Mode where users get to daisy-chain the large format display (compatible for PN-R903/R703/R603) via supported connectivity such as DVI or DisplayPort. And guess what, PN-R903 large format display also does not need any calibration to ensure best image quality. As a final stroke, it also comes equipped with extensive connectivity options, ranging from HDMI, DVI-D, DVI-I, RGB, DisplayPort, RJ-45 LAN, and many others.

Better Energy Efficiency

With LED technology, energy efficiency comes along. Sharp new PN-R903 LED large format display boasts super bright and high contrast images but managed to keep the power consumption low. The secret lies within the local dimming feature inside this massive large format display. As mentioned earlier, PN-R903 large format display uses a special full-array LED backlight which allows uniform backlight across the panel. The local dimming feature simply complements the technology by dimming or brightening those LED units across the panel where necessary to adapt to ambient light and thus the better energy management. Simply put, the local dimming in this large format display works to control over brightness and darkness of each LED section in the display so the energy is used more effectively.

(Date: 08 April 2013; Lidya)

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