Shure PGX Digital Wireless System Delivers Superior Sound Performance

When it comes to audio, only very few can stay in the same level as Shure does. 85 years a go, they start to make wonderful audio solution of all kinds including digital wireless system. Fast forward to present, Shure is still very much into it; continuously looking to deliver the true superior sound performance for diverse applications. In short, they are all build to perform and that exactly the Shure PGX Digital Wireless System is all about. Specifically designed to deliver superior sound performance for professional audio market, Shure PGX is touted to be the most perfect digital wireless system to date with superior sound performance, simplified setup and operation, and reliable wireless performance.

In the past and present, digital wireless system is greatly popular because it removes all the hassle with wiring but as with everything, it also has its own Achilles' heel which is the not so reliable signal transmission over the wireless connection. With Shure PGX Digital Wireless System, there is no such thing. Shure PGX Digital Wireless system simply combines the tested and proven Shure superior sound performance with the versatility of digital wireless system; making it a total perfect audio solution for many kind of applications including professional musicians and business environments which cannot afford any compromise in sound performance. Apart form superior sound performance, Shure PGX also still have a lot of trick up its sleeves including extra battery life and extended range. Since you go wireless, battery life op the transmitter unit becomes an important aspect. With Shure PGX Digital Wireless system, users can get a peace of mind because it offers up to eight hours of continuous use with two AA batteries as the main power. The extended battery life applies for both Shure PGX1 Bodypack Transmitter abd PGX2 Handheld Transmitter. That said, users can also wander around without worrying to much on the wireless coverage when using Shure PGX. This digital wireless system is touted to provide approximately 100 meters operating range. If you want to enjoy both superior sound performance and wireless technology, Shure PGX digital wireless system packs them in a very compelling package.

Operating on global frequency range of 900 MHz, Shure PGX Digital Wireless System consists of two main components: PGX4 Wireless Receive and PGX1 Bodypack Transmitter or PGX2 Handheld Transmitter. Depending on your applications, users can opt for the bodypack transmitter or handheld transmitter. If you move around a lot with both hands occupied, then the bodypack transmitter will certainly make better choice. Vice versa, the handheld transmitter will suit applications which involve multiple participants. Shure PGX4 Wireless Receiver, in particular, is the key to reliable wireless performance and thus superior audio performance in Shure PGX Digital Wireless System. Unlike average digital wireless system, Shure PGX system is powered by microprocessor-controller diversity which uses two separate antennas to expand wireless signal pickup for better and more reliable consistent signal reception.

Other worth mentioning features in Shure PGX digital wireless system is automatic frequency selection and auto transmitter which are both available in the PGX4 Wireless receiver. With those handy features, users can now enjoy a true wireless freedom and superior audio performance without much fuss and efforts. To make everything more convenient and seamless, Shure PGX also packs in a one touch sync button which lets you connect the transmitter to the receiver almost instantly. Shure PGX digital wireless system will comes with various configuration including the legendary SM58 vocal microphone. Finally, the last troof card is unveiled in the form of Shure's Patented Audio Reference Companding technology. Been around for decades to ensure superior audio performance in all their audio solutions, this time it makes a great match for Shure PGX digital wireless system. All in all, Shure PGX digital wireless system is an all-rounder for digital wireless system. It got awesomely perfect sound. The wireless system is very simple and reliable. And of course it comes from world leading audio specialist with tons of expertise in professional audio like Shure.

Superior Sound Performance

What it takes to make you take the center of the stage? Powerful voice? It indeed plays a part but you certainly also need an equally powerful audio equipment. Something like Shure PGX digital wireless system. As the first step, Shure PGX wireless digital system boasts 24-bit/48 KHz digital technology. Some may argue that the technical spec does not explain or necessarily guarantee anything. So how does it make Shure PGX can deliver superior sound performance? Think this. An uncompressed CD quality audio is rated at 16 bit at sampling rate of 44,1 KHz. The greater the number of both aspects results in higher bit-rate. Higher bit-rate equals to higher quality of audio. As such, it is quite explanatory that Shure PGX can definitely deliver superior sound performance with high clarity and accurate details. Next, the already incredible sound is further enhanced with Shure's Patented Audio Reference Companding technology, Basically tailored to improve wireless audio quality, it works by companding the audio signal during the transmission and reception. Not only improves the dynamic range, this technology also enhance audio quality by reducing unwanted noise and audio artifacts. And do not forget that Shure PGX digital wireless system also got a wide range of configuration with high quality microphones including the infamous SM58 series.

Highly Reliable Wireless Operation

Of all things, digital wireless system suffers from unreliable wireless transmissions, making it less favorable choice for professional users. At least that what happens before the introduction of Shure PGX digital wireless system. To maintain a consistent strong wireless transmission, Shure PGX relies on a microprocessor-controlled diversity which leverage on two separate antennas to pick up stronger sound signal and transmit them as equally strong. That aside, Shure also operates on widely-used frequency band of 900 MHz, reducing unwanted interference from TV channel. For the wireless transmission itself, Shure PGX digital wireless systems comes with options of Bodypack Transmitter and Handheld Transmitter for more versatile applications. Things only get better since both transmitters offered in Shure PGX also go extra miles in terms of durability and operating range.

Simple Setup

Until the very end, it seems that Shure PGX digital wireless system cannot stop to deliver only the benefits of digital wireless system. In terms of setup, Shure PGX makes it effortless for every users with a bunch of handy features such as automatic frequency selection and auto transmitter setup. Both features help users to identify frequency channel and build instant connection between the transmitter and receiver unit. All in all, Shure PGX digital wireless system makes it possible to get superior sound performance and convenient digital wireless system in every application.

(Date: 11 April 2013; Lidya)

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