Smart Power Interfaces Promotes High Flexibility and Easy Installation

Power interfaces may only be small components in your systems but come to think about it, your devices and system would not be able to be up and running without them. To keep up with today's cutting edge technologies and devices, it is only natural that power interfaces gets smarter too. Some latest smart power interfaces not only boasts enhanced design to promote high flexibility and easy installation but also integrate extra features such as multi-charging and Wi-Fi hotspot. Apparently, there is really nothing impossible with the advance of technologies these days. Here below are some smart power interfaces worth looking which packs high flexibility and easy installation, making them ideal for your modern living and work space.

Bolt USB Outlet

On the first number is Bolt USB Outlet which combines traditional wall socket design with USB ports to provide high flexibility for USB-powered devices. In general, you will have to connect USB-powered devices to USB ports in your PC, laptop, or anything which features USB ports. While it will not be a big problem if you can leave the system on all the time or the system supports sleep and charge function, such scenario is not very convenient. Alternatively, you will have to use additional connector to connect it to the wall socket. Problem is, some USB-powered devices simply comes with short cables so it barely reach the wall socket in higher or far places. Bolt USB Outlet sports six USB outlets which can be installed to wall like traditional wall sockets. Not only that, Bolt USB Outlet is obviously one of the smart power interfaces out there to come with additional protection mechanism with integrated feature to indicate remaining/used electrical capacity to prevent overload in advance.

Quicky Contort v2

Whenever high flexibility is concerned, nothing seem can outdo latest offer from Quirky with Quirky Contort v2. Boasting super flexible, portable design, you can bring it along when going places to extend power for multiple devices without a hitch. To the same extent, you can even angle the plug and bend the neck to make easy installation everywhere including at less ideal environment while also making room for other outlets. And in case, we forget to mention it, this smart power interface also introduce built-in cord management for seamless wiring. With such high flexibility, Quirky also believes that their latest smart power interface can definitely help users to avoid unwanted bumps or accidents. To meet your electrification requirement, the smart power interface will feature one AC outlet and a pair of USB outlet.

Socket Like Brick

Sometimes you only need to power single device. Other times, you need to power several devices at once. Multi power interface is not exactly the best solution to do things right and so does the single power interface. Now it seems that power interface is the most inflexible thing on the earth. Socket Like Brick comes up with new smart power interface which features modular design to allow easy installation in various kind of environment and for diverse electrification requirement. With the modular design, users can easily add or remove the brick section to the power interface whenever necessary to save both space and energy consumption. In a way, this unique power interface also promotes high flexibility as users can easily and conveniently reconfigure the outlet to suit their power requirement.

AllSocket Systems

The fourth entry of our featured power interface is probably the most innovative, if not ground-breaking power interface. Dubbed as AllSocket System, this power interface redefines the very nature of power interface with clutter or messy wiring by allowing you to connect to wherever you need it. The most common problem with power interface is that they either not that many for your ever growing devices or simply out of the way from your systems or devices. To solve the problem, AllSocket System integrates the electrical wiring into skirting board, making it virtually invisible from sights. Most importantly, it actually do away with limitation of conventional power interface as it enables you to connect to the AllPlugs which can be positioned anywhere you see fit or most convenient within the room. To put it simple, AllSocket Systems come up with smart power interface which can provide simple effective power for your electrification requirements on the right time and the right place for ultimately high flexibility. That said, this hassle-free power interface also promotes easy installation as well as management. Boasting support for multiple installation under single control interface, users can choose to use master AllPlug to turn off or on all connected systems and devices at the same time. Alternatively, you can also go wireless with wireless AllSwitch to send off wireless signal to turn devices on or off from distance.

Netgear Powerline Music Extender

With smart power interface these days, you get more than power source for your system and devices. To illustrate this, Netgear designs a streaming player solution which doubles as power interface. In a way, the disguised power interface offers high flexibility for those looking forward to all-in-one solution. Plus, users can even create their own Wi-Fi hotspot as Netgear Powerline Music Extender can be functioned as sort of access point to the internet and home network for any devices or systems which are connected to them. Of course, the "more than just power interface" also enables users to stream contents from distance to any connected devices and systems. No more constant worry over big data or storage since you get to share and stream contents via Wi-Fi connection. Similarly, the integration of power interface functionality eliminates the need to move devices around. In case you are wondering, Netgear Powerline Music Extender is definitely pluggable into any wall socket.

Slot Machine and Twisting Power Interface

These entries of power interface does not really have any name to it but the concept truly prmotes high flexibility and easy installation for your electrification requirements. For example, the twisting power interface lets you turn the plug clockwise or counter-clockwise to fit the most unreasonable plugs ever. Now you can twist the power interface and you're all good to go. On the other hand, rotating, slot-machine inspired power interface lets you to choose any plug compatible for your systems and devices within the same power interface. All you need to do is spin and find the right match. In any way, it provides users with high flexibility possible as you can use the plug in turn without needing to bring along several power interfaces to accommodate for different type of plugs.

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