Sony IPELA Introduces HD Videoconferencing for Effective Collaboration

In business realm, every second counts and effective collaboration is hardly possible without going through much hassle and forking out significant sum. Videoconferencing has been one way to make the most of your valuable time but today you also get to know that HD videoconferencing is an even more powerful tool to ensure effective collaboration thanks to the superior image quality. With over 20 years experience in video conference equipment, Sony is committed to facilitate communication between companies and turn videoconferencing more attractive and productive than ever before. Introducing the next generation of HD videoconferencing system Sony IPELA PCS-XG80 which offers 1080i HD videoconferencing for effective collaboration at an affordable price. Sony IPELA itself is designed to host all of Sony HD videoconferencing lineup which allows effective collaboration while keeping it user friendly and budget friendly for professional market. The key to effective collaboration is to get flawless visual and audio communication between two parties in highest quality possible. With that in mind, Sony IPELA PCS-XG80 features 1080i HD video quality to provide business and professional users alike with life-like images and enhanced visual imagery for overall effective collaboration. Statistically, 1080i HD videoconferencing quality is easily what you get by multiplying the number of pixels of those standard definition images. And of course with higher number of pixels, it is expected that you can enjoy more details from images than ever before including any gestures or facial expression for not only immersive but also effective collaboration anywhere, anytime.

What's more, the advanced Sony IPELA system also packs a series of cutting-edge features to make sure you enjoy effective collaboration effortlessly. Among the powerful ones is Sony proprietary BrightFace technology which functions to improve image quality by brighten up participants' faces accordingly to the ambient light. This feature is definitely beneficial for users which happen to deal with irregular type of lighting environments. Other interesting feature to promote quality HD videoconferencing with Sony IPELA system is the “one-touch dialing” functionality for enjoy HD videoconferencing at a snap. But most importantly, business and professional users will come to appreciate that this HD videoconferencing system actually support 6-site multipoint conferencing which enable users to call up five other remote sites simultaneously and collaborate virtually. In addition, Sony IPELA PCS-XG80 is fitted with multi-language support for 20 different languages, allowing seamless and effective collaboration regardless the diversity of participants.

It is often the case that the hardest part about dealing with any advanced technologies is you have to learn the way to use it, save for optimize or taking any advantage out of it. Apparently, Sony does not think that way and their Sony IPELA offers both quality HD videoconferencing and simple, relatively intuitive user experience. Whenever HD videoconferencing is mentioned, most people believe that there is so much hassle to prepare the system. However, Sony IPELA PCS-XG80 is engineered to deliver effective collaboration ini most painless and effortless way to users in business and professional applications. For one, the HD videoconferencing system relies on a wireless centralized remote control dubbed as RF Commander unit which allows users to operate the HD videoconferencing system and turn on any functionalities available from their fingertips for a truly effective collaboration.

But unlike ordinary remote controls like those in TV or other digital entertainment devices, you do not have to really point the remote control unit directly and exactly at the systems. That aside, Sony IPELA HD videoconferencing system also features easy to navigate and easy to use graphical user interface. The menu is presented on cascading style with self-explanatory options and clear information of its functions. The same simplicity also extends to the wiring system of this new Sony IPELA HD videoconferencing solution. The HD videoconferencing system uses a single HDMI cable to connect the codec unit and display which covers both the transmission of video and audio signal for fuss-free installation. What's more, the back panel of the main codec unit is color-coded to make it easier even for end users with no technical background. As mentioned earlier, users can also make a video call instantly with this HD videoconferencing system using one-touch dialing functionality. Sony IPELA PCS-XG80 can support up to four contact numbers for this functionality.

Unrivaled Performance

For effective collaboration to happen, you need to make sure that each party can see and hear the other clearly and perfectly. To ensure that, Sony introduces their latest HD videoconferencing system which boasts 1080i video quality at high frame rate of 60 fps for smooth motion and thus ensured high quality effective collaboration every time. One of the most common problems with videoconferencing system these days is the mediocre video quality which drives miscommunication between parties or loss of some information in the middle of conversation. With higher resolution, the HD videoconferencing system is able to capture every details of the facial expression or gestures of the other parties while providing the same high quality to your recipient. Even if the videoconferencing solution of the other party did not support HD video quality, fret not as the HD videoconferencing system is also backward compatible to allow connection with lower bandwidth connection or with their older, SD legacy systems over IP and/or ISDN. When the environment is poor-lit or even dark, videoconferencing system will automatically increase the brightness of the images on all parts including the faces. However, the thing is that sometimes the lighting varies on different part of the environment and result in some areas too bright. To solve this problem, Sony IPELA PCS-XG80 HD videoconferencing system is powered by Sony unique BrightFace technology to deliver optimal effective collaboration. As suggested by its name, Sony BrightFace technology works to detect the ambient light of users environment and intelligently light up pixels which makes up images accordingly. This is especially come handy to really get optimized and evenly bright images during video conference in less ideal lighting conditions.

Image quality-aside, Sony IPELA PCS-XG80 is obviously built for effective collaboration since the HD videoconferencing system also incorporates many versatile features. Some of the most appreciated ones are H.239 Dual Stream and Video Annotation functionality. With the H.239 dual stream functionality, this means that users can actually send two separate streams of live, HD videoconferencing simultaneously for highly effective collaboration. For example, you can display both live camera view and presentation file in PowerPoint on the same single screen (split screen) or two different screens at the same time. However, please note that this feature requires the installation of optional software, PCSA-DSG80 which is sold separately to the existing HD videoconferencing unit. Besides, Sony IPELA PCS-XG80 is also equipped with Video Annotation function to allows users add notes to the HD video stream or highlight specific parts of images/files by writing on a third party tablet and share instantly with the other parties.

(Date: 13 May 2013; Lidya)

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