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Video conferencing is often used to serve company meetings, organization conferences and virtual classroom or long distance learning. Videa conferencing is meant to connecting people in several different locations together anywhere, anytime. So it goes without saying that video conferencing offers a benefit of getting people connected anywhere and anytime in an easier, important meetings can be done without participants need to travel from one place to another. Needless to say, in favor of doing business efficiently, video conferencing can saves a lot of time and money. There are different types of video conferencing in use: Multipoint Conferencing, Immersive Telepresence and Desktop Video Conferencing. Sony, the consumer electronics from Japan, is one of the top brand for video conferencing equipments.

Desktop video conferencing is perhaps the most basic and widely-used type of video conference. The connecting method has been used by home and SOHO users since a long time consider it is very simple and cost effective. For video conferencing, what one’s needed is a desktop PC or notebook as the screen, a webcam, a pair of headphone with attached microphone and a stable internet connection. As for the (video conferencing) services...well, there are tons of them right now, from Skype to various Instant Messengers such as Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger have the video call features built in. If over a decade ago video conferencing can only be done via desktop PC, now we cannot exclude the smartphones and tablets. In today time there is no reason not to get connected anytime, anywhere, unless if you are the one who wants to take the time from the internet.

At the beginning, video conferencing was only a type of video chat between family or friends living miles apart in different cities or countries. Although phones are also applicable, video chat is often favoured because the degree of closeness it offers. Personal matters aside, video conferencing is also an option to communicate for work related matters such as meetings and interviews. Living in a city like Jakarta, video conferencing can definitely save our time from the long commute and traffic.

There are several types of Sony video conferencing equipments that either can be used in a large conferencing room or for personal conference.
However, only selected few video conferencing aquipments that can be used in a large conferencing rooms, mostly are high definition equipment:

  • Sony PCSXG55 and PCSXL55, both are high definition equipment which suitable for personal video conferencing.
  • Sony PCSXG80 consists of a High Definition Sony devices such as: camera, High Definition codec, HDMI cable, and two microphones. The High Definition Sony camera is 1/3 type CMOS 2 megapixel camera that can captures bright pictures from up to 100 different angles. The Sony device has an optical zoom of 10x and digital zoom of 40x. While the High Definition codec able to produces an amazing crystal clear 1080i video and clear audio. HDMI cable is to set connection between the High Definition devices. The two microphones function to enhance conference communication.
    The Sony PCSXG80 has backward-compatibility that gives users an opportunity to share PC Data seamlessly. For example, PowerPoint data can be displayed in HD or two different screen or projectors at a remote site. While its six-site multipoint conferencing facility allows users to call up to five other remote sites to simultaneously meet, with multi-language supporting 20 different languages.
  • Sony PCSXA80, only one letter different from its PCSXG80 sister, is a High Definition communication package that consists of several Sony devices such as: a codec, a camera, and a remote control. The codec is good for displaying 720p High Definition images with clear audio. As for the camera, it is 6 megapixel CMOS that captures 30 frames per second. The Sony device can capture images from 100 different angles and has 3x digital zoom.
  • Sony PCSXG55 consists of various Sony devices: a High Definition codec, built in High Definition camera, remote control, and a microphone. The codec is capable to transmit 720p High Definition images and also produces crystal clear audio. While the camera captures images at 30 frames per second. The microphone enables users to have audio during the video conference.
  • Sony PCSXL55 is a High Definition communication package of various Sony devices: a built-in codec, a camera, widescreen LCD, speakers, microphone, and a remote control.

The PCSXL55 can display 720p High Definition images while delivers a good quality audio. The camera is capable to captures 30 frames per second, as well as from 80 different angles. Sony PCSXL55 has a 21.6” widescreen LCD with a WXGA resolution and 16:9 contrast ratio.

The Sony video conferencing equipment also includes room integrator models PCSG50 and PCSG70S. These integrators connect the different video conferencing equipments together to ensure they can integrate properly. The PCSG50 is an integrator which is capable for use by small and medium size businesses and corporations. The Sony device can connect up to ten different video conferencing sites to the same meeting with estimated speed up to 4 Mb/s.

Besides the codec, the PCSG50 Integrator includes a camera, microphone, and remote control. The camera in PCSG50 has an optical zoom of 10x and digital zoom of 40x, and can capture images from six different angles. The microphone allows you to communicate clearly with your colleagues. Apart from the PCSG50, Sony PCSG70S integrator only consists of a codec that is suitable for small to large business and can connect up to ten different video conferencing sites to the same meeting. The Sony device offers variable speed between 1.5 Mb/s up to 4 Mb/s.

Having realized the importance of crystal clear audio in video conferencing, all Sony video conferencing microphones (if not almost all Sony devices with an audio on it) include an echo cancellation feature that ensures audio will not echoed and can be transmitted smoothly.

However, made by Sony the audio quality of its video conferencing equipments is not something we need to doubt. Sony was the first company that introduced the early iPod version of Walkman, one of the most popular must-have device of the 90s and later set Sony reputation globally. After walkman, many other Sony devices are launched and gained reputation for its quality including the Sony video conferencing equipments. In the world of make believe, you ain’t need to doubt a Sony.

(Date: 12 June 2013; Frida)

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