Steelcase RoomWizard II Room Scheduling System Fosters Collaboration

If you are to conquer any workplace, there are commonly two phenomenon to watch out. The first is time flies so making the best of your time is crucial. With the rise of mobile devices and cloud-computing, this problem becomes less challenging than ever. Problem sort of solved. On the other, the second is collaboration requires a lot of effort to the point it is hardly easy, save for effective. Steelcase is committed to help today's workforce find the way out. Steelcase Room Scheduling System RoomWizard II is designed to foster collaboration; converging spaces like never before and introduces new patterns of collaboration.

The new RoomWizard II is essentially a revamped room scheduling system with handy features like touch screen display for instant access to room information such as the availability of the room, the attendees, the length of use, and many more. All the important information you need to find collaboration space in real time. The new room scheduling system also promotes seamless integration and extended synchronization with existing calendar system such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, or other shared calendar. To foster collaboration, users can also check out, make, or manage the availability and occupancy details of any rooms through various different channels in RoomWizard II room scheduling system including web, networked computing machines, or even smartphones. No more days where you running around to reserve meeting rooms only to find it taken by some others at the scheduled time. Or, you can also save those hassle with post-it notes and non-stop argument with colleagues or teams from different department on who get to use the meeting rooms. Thanks to RoomWizard II room scheduling system, securing a collaboration space is far more effortless and painless than ever. Everything happens in a snap.

With the new RoomWizard II room scheduling system, you also get to transform the collaboration space like never before. It can be easily mounted on different surfaces like wall, glass, or furniture products in both closed or open spaces, increasing opportunities to foster collaboration as well as managing space utilization. Now connecting and collaborating is no longer problematic with the new room scheduling system as all you need to do is getting connected to the server, check out the availability, and make reservations. Three steps away and you can get started.

Individual workstation alone are hardly any private and conducive enough. The situation is simply worse when it comes to collaboration space. With limited time and so many things to discuss, you still have to go around and about to find the place to collaborate. The new RoomWizard II room scheduling system takes care of everything for you with a built-in server which allows users to track and manage the room availability and reservation from any networked devices including web, PC, or smartphones. That aside, the room scheduling system also goes further to optimize space utilization by continuously monitor and analyze occupancy and reservation patterns to foster collaboration even more via RoomWizard Reporting Tool. With the detailed information on space utilization, the management can easily add, redesign, combine, or do any modifications to any rooms and spaces available to better utilize the space and thus higher opportunity to collaborate effectively. In addition, users can also foster collaboration by actively participate in workspace management through the same room scheduling system. They, for instance, can manually release a room if the occupant did not show up at the scheduled time or finished earlier than planned.

Making room reservation and collaborating are a lot easier and more convenient with the room scheduling system because it allows both the host and attendees to access all the related information about the meetings while also featuring auto-reminders to foster collaboration and keep the meetings on the track. The same flexibility goes for other materials shared during meetings. With SnapTag mobile app, users can eaasily capture and share whiteboard notes to all participants only by connecting it to RoomWizard II room scheduling system. For the meantime, the app will be available exclusively for Apple iPhone.

Easy to Use

One of the main objectives of RoomWizard II room scheduling system is to foster collaboration and get people to collaborate without much fuss. As such, the new room scheduling system adopts capacitive touch screen, allowing users to interact with it more intuitively while ensuring user friendly interface To make reservation, for instance, they only need to hit the button Use Now and fill out all the necessary details such as host, attendees, the length the room scheduling system also features this Status Lights which practically indicates the availability of rooms or spaces via the color of lights. Red lights means the room is occupied while vacant rooms are signified with green lights. Very simple and easy to understand. Even if you are not nearby the room, you can also take a peek to check out the occupancy or availability thanks the handy feature.

Lastly, RoomWizard II room scheduling system also comes with several mounting options. You can choose to mount it to wall or glass typically used for entrance doors of rooms. Alternatively, you can also stick it on any furniture or partition in case of open collaboration space. It just does not matter. The room scheduling system will still work wonder to foster collaboration wherever they are in most effortless way you can ever imagine.

Seamless Integration

Think of every single effort you've done to reserve and secure a room or collaboration space. From the traditional post-it notes to the cloud-based shared office calendar. Nothing seems to work as incredible as the RoomWizard II room scheduling system. Unlike all those traditional tools, RoomWizard II room scheduling system has a built-in server to provide all the details of reservation, availability, and occupancy of the rooms and spaces. With this, users can easily find a vacant room and make reservation. What's more, they actually get to do it from various devices from web, networked PC or laptops, and even smartphones regardless of the platforms or operating systems. Similarly, they are also able to change the details of reservations or cancel it at all.

RoomWizard server in the Room Wizard II room scheduling system is accessible via unique web address assigned by your IT administrator as defined in initial setup. Usually, the web page will contain all the details of every room in the system. However, it is also possible to access only certain rooms in the room scheduling system if you happen to know associated RoomWizard web address. To further foster collaboration, RoomWizard II room scheduling system also offers seamless integration with existing shared calendars such as Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. It works in a very much same way as the standalone room scheduling system. Nevertheless, users can make reservations by referring to the calendar systems.

Advanced Functionality

RoomWizard II room scheduling system from Steelcase makes reservation easier to foster collaboration but is there any other benefits? Of course. Moving beyond finding collaboration space, the new room scheduling system also provide better understanding and thus management of your work space. As suggested by its name, RoomWizard analytic console works to monitor, analyze and make reports on your collaboration space. Particularly, it will generate details about daily utilization, utilization over date, meeting length over date, no-show meetings, and attendees. While the functionality in the room scheduling system is applicable to single room and multiple rooms, it is primarily designed to help users gain more insights about the space utilizations and take any necessary actions to foster collaboration. Next, there is administration console which lets users manage all the networked rooms in the room scheduling system from a centralized PC or server. With this tool, users can find, group, configure, or perform any administrative tasks including firmware upgrade to single room or all the rooms in the room scheduling system. Finally, Steelcase also develops SnapTag pplication to facilitate easier sharing between meeting participants. The iOS-based app allows users to capture whiteboard notes and send it to the room scheduling system so that it is accessible by others.

(Date: 08 April 2013; Lidya)

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