Stewart Electric Screen Easily Accomodates Various Applications

For the occupants of workplace around the globe, projection screen may or may not be a familiar sight. As its name, projection screen is designed to enhance projection in the first place. In relation to business environment, projection screen are often installed to optimize projection in various lighting conditions within these environments; allowing users to get best result every time. When it comes to projection screen, electric screen is highly popular for those which prefer automation and clutter-free installation. But then there are a bunch of electric screen out there and how do you know if they will fit for your applications? Stewart Electric Screen under Visionary lineups cater to users which look for electric screen which will easily accommodate various applications.
This latest electric screen comes with aluminum housing which is highly flexible for various applications as you can opt to install it along with the building construction even before the screen or materials are ready. In a way, users can ensure the final electric screen installation will blend perfectly with its surroundings regardless of the various applications. And since the electric screen is built for ceiling-recessed type of installation, users can easily configure it for various applications without having to worry over limited space or obtrusive sight of view for the audience. The thing with electric screen is people often complaining about how it can get noisy and thus distract the projection. However, it is never the case with Stewart electric screen. In fact, all the Visionary lineup of electric screen are equipped with quiet roller tube which cause minimals noise for optimized projection. As with other electric screen, users with various applications will also be glad to find that Stewart Visionary electric screen can be easily rolled up or rolled down (or often known as retractable) automatically or wirelessly.

That said, you should also feel reassured about the rigidity of the Stewart electric screen as it leverages on Stewart proprietary Tab-Guy tensioning system. Unlike other tensioning system used in competing electric screen solutions, this unique system robustly pin down the electric screen that it remains flat all the time despite the frequent rolling or pull down mechanism. FInally, Stewart Electric Screen also introduce optional masking panel with their new model, Visionary ElectriMask which will come handy for users with various applications as it can be configured for different aspect ratio. Or, you can just use the supplied custom black drop or over-scan border that comes with the electric screen.

It is a common fact that different products work for different applications. However, it will be simply great to have one product which can accommodate various applications. Stewart electric screen is one good example. While featuring the flexibility advantage of electric screen, Stewart Visionary electric screen also make a versatile solution for various applications because of its user-friendly installation and flexible customization to meet different requirements of various applications. Typically for electric screen, users can go with either ceiling or wall mount type of installation. However, if you intend for more flexible installation for various applications, the ceiling recessed-driven Stewart Visionary electric screen will be a wiser option. By mounting the electric screen on the ceiling, users can save more space than they do with the wall mount installation. What's more, Stewart actually modify their electric screen to offer extra flexibility for various applications with the unique aluminum screen housing.

A little different from other screen, you can installed the housing for electric screen separately from the bezel and screen to drive more efficient and seamless installation with its surroundings. It is especially relevant for users with new installation with the building or room still under construction. Then, there is also adjustable drywall flange in this electric screen which allows easier tuning for various applications. In terms of customization, all of Stewart electric screen under Visionary lineup will come with options to customize screen sizes and aspect ratios. Users are also welcome to choose from the wide selections of screen materials to provide best fit for their various applications. As for multimedia scenario, Stewart electric can also be paired with mounted speakers using the optional Cinemaperf and Microperf X2 surface for optimal results. All in all, Stewart Electric Screen stands out from the crowd with their versatility to accommodate various applications.

Built to Perform

In general, projection screen is built to help you get better projection regardless of the various applications. Nevertheless when put into practice, some projection screen only works for some projection scenarios. As such, commercial users with often various applications end up buying or rent many different type of projection screen at different occasions. Even it is not rare that there are also users which only get to use the projection screen for one time application. If you cannot afford for that to happen, Stewart is at your service with the broad portfolio of projection screen for various applications. If versatility for various applications is your first priority, their Visionary electric screen is a very viable option.

To begin with, the electric screen leverages on retractable system which enables users to easily pull it down to use it and roll it up when not in use via remote controls or instant switch. Not only that, the electric screen adopts ceiling recessed installation to make it easy to install in various applications regardless the availability of space. But most importantly, Stewart Visionary electric screen manages to deliver all the better aspect of electric screen such as the automated control and space-saving design without leaving any hitch including the noise and the wavy screen. Often with electric screen in general, users have to deal with the noise of motors when the electric screen is rolled up or down. But all the Stewart electric screen packs the advanced Lutron motor for ensured silent operation. Another common problem of electric screen is the wavy screen surface after used for some time. Actually, it is just normal that the screen will get wavy or wrinkled from the frequent rolling but tensioning system may minimize such effect on electric screen. Stewart proprietary Tab-Guy tensioning system which power all of the Visionary electric screen manages to solve the issue.

Eventually, to better meet the requirements of various application, the Visionary lineup has just recently added a new electric screen model called Visionary ElectriMask which offer additional masking panels on the top of the screens to allows reconfiguration for various aspect ratio. This way, users will be able to customize masked image area for optimized projection in various applications.

(Date: 06 May 2013; Lidya)

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