TOA Microphone System Ensures High Quality Wireless Communication for Conferences

For those born between 70s and 90s, the name of TOA may sound very familiar despite the fact that only few really know about it at all. In our country alone, a lot of people often addresses person which talks very loud as having "TOA" quality of sound. It is a strange fact but actually reasonable if you happen to know that TOA is the company who build the first megaphone in the world back in 1950s. Ever since, the brand and the company itself have been sort of associated with loud sounds. Currently, the company has expanded around the globe with microphone and speakers as two main product lines. To respond to the dynamic landscape of commercial applications, the company does not miss any chance to develop microphones lineup for conferences. However, make no mistake with TOA microphone system. With a proven track record of reliability, TOA microphone system built under conference system lineup is engineered to deliver high quality wireless communication for conferences without exception.

The high demanding requirements like those for conferences are no easy challenge for users around the globe. They have to make sure it sounds good but then they also cannot afford to deal with complicated installation and not to mention scalability aspect. TOA microphone system are all set to ensure high quality wireless communication for conferences without making you to go through so many hassle. TS Series, in particular, offers fuss-free wireless communication for conferences thanks to the infrared technology and a series of enhanced features including bilingual supports, smart voting, and auto-mic off. With the advanced TOA microphone system, you can now enjoy wireless communication and quality audio performance at the same time for conferences and other commercial applications every time. And with the wireless communication, it literally means that there will be no single cord or cables on your table. For conferences, this is definitely a nice privilege to do away with cables which not only makes clutter but also distracts the entire discussions. But most importantly, TOA TS Series microphone system can support up to 96 station of both chairman and delegates, allowing ultimate freedom for conferences. Especially for conferences, it is also essential to have built-in translation channel. To meet the demand, the new TOA microphone system comes equipped with simultaneous audio translation channel. As such, non-native users can still follow through the discussion without a hitch since the system will play deliver the speech in main and sub audio.

With any other system including microphone system, easy installation is one of the most important features. Latest TOA microphone system eliminates the common issue of messy wiring and thus enables easier and more flexible installation in many commercial applications including for conferences. TOA microphone system basically consists of central unit and transmitter/receiver unit which is connected to each other via single connection with coaxial cable. That aside, the whole TOA microphone system also comes in compact package to save space while maintaining high quality wireless communication for conferences. Each chairman or delegate unit in TOA microphone system is fitted with integrated monitor speaker for ensured high quality wireless communication from each and every participants. It is also convenient that users can easily detach the microphone from the system for safekeeping and attach it back to the place for conferences when and where needed. For the microphone types, TOA microphone system provides two option to cater to different requirements for conferences: standard and long ones.

Other aspect which makes this TOA microphone system very versatile for conferences is the flexible installation options. To enhance wireless communication while keeping clean sight, users can have it ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted. Or, you can simply have the microphones propped at the microphone stand to sit on the tables. As for power source, the TOA microphone system relies on two options: the usual AC power supply or built-in rechargeable Lithium ion battery. While both options are enabled in every Chairman and delegate unit, the latter will certainly become better choice for those looking for perfect wireless communication. For extended scalability, TOA microphone system also got support for connecting up to 16 units of microphone for each transmitter.receiver unit; further improving wireless communication for conferences and other commercial applications.

The Perfect Choice for Conferences

For conferences to run the way you like with the best results, there are many variables involved and microphone system happens to play quite a big part here. In most cases, sound quality comes first in microphone system but then wireless technologies come into the scene and wireless communication is introduced. In fact, there is more benefits of wireless communication for conferences. With that in mind, TOA launches their lineup of microphones system under TS Series which is designed to deliver secure and high quality wireless communication for conferences and other commercial applications alike. Unlike conventional microphone system where users still need to deal with troubling setup and cluttered cords, TOA microphone system leverages on the latest infrared wireless technology which not only ensures reliable but also wireless communication for conferences since it virtually eliminates any crosstalk and security threats via radio frequency.

What's more, the wireless technology actually makes the whole installation process of this TOA microphone system relatively easy and fuss free. Users only need to set out the central unit and transmitter unit which is conveniently connected to each other via coaxial cable. Next, all left to do is install the Chairman and delegate units based on your requirements for conferences. TOA microphone system itself can support multi unit configurations up to 96 chairman and delegate station. Above all things, users can enjoy wireless communication and flexible system at the same time because you can easily configure the TOA microphone system to suit various room configuration for conferences or other applications.

Convenient wireless communication aside, users definitely can benefit from a host of features offered by this TOA microphone system for conferences setup. Among the interesting ones is advanced vote function. Both chairman and delegates can easily enter their votes with the threefold vote function when and where needed with automatic quick voting result generated on the central unit of this TOA microphone system. Then, there is also bilingual operation mentioned earlier. By bilingual operation, the TOA microphone system can deliver speeches of chairman and delegates in two languages simultaneously with main audio and sub audio; which is also the common situation for conferences. Finally, the TOA microphone system even supports for turning the floor via PC.

(Date: 10 May 2013; Lidya)

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