The Good-looking Transparent Speaker Features Sustainable Design

Speaker is probably one of the most ubiquitous devices in audio visual landscape. You can easily find it at home, work, and even on the go. But while the question of sound quality usually come first, our question is that whether it looks good as it sounds? Despite dozens of good-looking or even unique-looking speakers out there, some just does not live up to your expectation because does not sound as good as those blak boxy conventional speakers. People People is all set to solve the puzzle with a good-looking transparent speaker which features sustainable design and superior audio performance. In fact, the good-looking transparent speaker combines the best of both worlds: design and performance. Just how often you find transparent speaker? When it comes to speaker regardless of the size and purposes, a lot of speaker manufacturers seem to stick around the black boxy design which leaves out users in the dark about how the sounds are actually produced. With Transparent Speaker, users can see all the audio components for themselves in crystal clear glass box. But most importantly, the good-looking transparent speaker features sustainable design in the first place which lets users to enjoy quality sound anywhere, anytime minus the bulk and mismatching with your surroundings.

Appearances may not necessarily matter over the sound for speakers but a good-looking transparent speaker which sounds awesome is simply a dream comes true. Obviously amonh the most good-looking speakers on the bunch, Transparent Speaker will easily fit into any surroundings in home, work, and many more thanks to the unique, space-saving design concept. Instead wooden, metal, plastic, or other materials which are more commonly used for making speaker, Transparent Speaker goes with glass box for sustainable design. The glass box itself is made from tempered glass to keep robust installation and decent audio performance. The latter claim may not be that convincing for most audiophile since glass is not likely to provide good sound dampening. However, the proponent of Transparent Speaker which is an experienced audio journalist, highlights that it actually produces more power thanks to the extensive space within the glass cabinet. In any case, glass certainly offers more timeless look and ideal match for modern environments.

Not only good-looking, People People's Transparent speaker also boasts sustainable design with modular drivers and glass box which is ideal for extended use. By sporting modular driver and amplifier, you can easily change or swap the driver and upgrade the amplifier inside the transparent speaker to get instant boost in sound performance when and where needed. Plus, People People team also provides a Transparent Speaker kit with no glass so users can use glass of their own. In a way, the good-looking transparent speaker is more like a DIY speaker which can be easily build and reconfigured to suit your preferences and requirements. With minimalist sustainable design, Transparent Speaker goes beyond earning a nod from design-conscious users to a robust quality audio product which live and grows with you.

If you think that good-looking built and sustainable design are all there to Transparent Speaker, then you are gravely mistaken. No less capable speaker than any speakers out there, the Transparent Speaker comes with a range of quality audio components such as a pair of 3-inch full range driver, 6,5-inch subwoofer, and built-in amplifier. Wen combined, all the components makes Transparent Speaker a great performer to pull off decent audio performance in an entire frequency range. What's more, the good-looking transparent speaker also provides intuitive control options with instant access to adjust bass, treble, and volume on a handy control panel. As for connectivity, the Transparent Speaker is relatively well-equipped. You can easily connect any devices which support 3.5 mm auxiliary jack output and start streaming your favorite tunes. Or, there is also options to enjoy wireless music streaming since the Transparent Speaker also sports US port for Bluetoothor Wi-Fi dongle. Even better, People People actually designs their good-looking Transparent Speaker to be perfect companion for your iDevices. In particular, the Transparent Speaker integrates what they called as toaster slot to allow users easily plug in their Airport Express for seamless music streaming experience. Now you can enjoy hassle-free wireless streaming from your iDevices via AirPlay with better audio quality thanks to the good-looking Transparent Speaker.

Depending on personal tastes and preferences, the definition of good-looking may vary between people. As they said, beauty is the eye of beholder. if you still find it hard to believe that Transparent Speaker is actually that good-looking, let's agree that it indeed offers smarter and sustainable design which turns out to affect audio performance. Designed as 2.1 speaker system, the Transparent Speaker boasts all the elements you usually need to produce decent sound from full-range driver, subwoofer, and even built-in amplifier. Best of all, it combines in a super compact stylish package inside a see-thru glass box. You can also cut down the messy wiring albeit the obvious wiring inside the glass panel. Like any 2.1 speaker system, Transparent Speaker does a decent job to deliver decent audio for any genre with balanced sound across sound frequency. Even if you are not satisfied with the default sound it produces, simply reach out the to dedicated knobs to tune treble, bass, and volume on the front panel of the Transparent Speaker. That aside, users can also be sure to enjoy quality music and sound every time with the embedded digital signal processing (DSP) feature inside the Transparent Speaker. And yes, the Transparent is also versatile and well-connected enough to pair with your favorite gadgets including iDevices. Wired or wireless, you choose it on your own as the Transparent Speaker is fitted with powered USB port, two 3.5 mm audio jacks, and toaster slot. The latter is definitely a welcome for Apple iDevices owner as it practically means that they will be able to plug in their spanking new AirPort Express while enjoying wireless streaming from AirPlay feature at the same time.

To top things off, People People look to make a speaker that is long lasting to provide users with quality sound and it is exactly their Transparent Speaker all about. Simple but powerful audio solution, Transparent Speaker is likely to set new trend for audio landscape. All in all, Transparent Speaker is a great example of how a good looking speaker can sound equally good.

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