Toshiba New Ultra HDTV Packs Dozens of Smart Technologies

Life goes on, people grows, and technologies gets smarter than you can ever imagine. When it comes to display, the industry just recently hold a grand party for the newly established ultra high definition standard with major manufacturers rushing out with their Ultra HDTV propositions at the CES 2013 event. Not only massive in sizes, these new ultra HDTV offers also ship with dozens of smart technologies compared to the previous generations; making them all rounder performers as ever. Among the extraordinary sight is Toshiba New Ultra HDTV L9300 Series which packs dozens of smart technologies including Cloud TV feature and a range of latest image enhancement technology.

Within the past two or three years, the integration of smart technologies into displays are getting stronger with TV now might as powerful, capable, and entertaining as those ubiquitous that rules the mobile kingdom like tablets and smartphones. Apparently, the same smart technologies has tried to penetrate the display realm and the new ultra HDTv is simply the right match. Similar to the rest of Ultra HDTV propositions in the market, the new Toshiba L9300 Series Ultra HDTV also features four times higher resolution than full high definition with gigantic 84" screen size. However, that is not the end of the story. While the Ultra HDTV indeed offers a breath-taking image quality with super high resolution and so many pixels, Toshiba actually takes their new Ultra HDTV propositions a step ahead with a variety of image enhancement features such as the latest CEVO 4K Quad+Dual Core processor and ClearScan technology.

But what really becomes the front highlight of the role of smart technologies in these new ultra HDTV propositions is the Cloud TV functionality. More than a smarter TV, the new Toshiba Ultra HDTV offers new way of interacting with your contents and social connections by leveraging on cloud technology. As such, the Ultra HDTV is not only super big and capable of giving best visual experience but also smart enough to allow you to interact with people and contents. Users can now have all the fun in the same single device thanks to the smart technologies which coming to the Ultra HDTV. To fit diverse needs and requirements, the new Toshiba L9300 Series Ultra HDTV with smart technologies will come in three different screen sizes: 58", 65", and 84"; offering opportunity to indulge in the breath-taking image quality while also experiencing a new way of interacting with your TV.

In visual realm, it will be great that your display can do "what you see is what you get". In others words, an ideal display should be able to display images as it is in the real-life situation. Now thanks to the advance of technologies, it possible to get the life-like images with Ultra HDTV which boasts ultra high resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels for highest image quality you can get. In general, they are very big to produce the life-size images. You will also find the Ultra HDTV to have above average image performance in terms of clarity, contrast, sharpness and of course color reproduction. But as if all those qualities are not good enough for an Ultra HDTV, Toshiba new L9300 series Ultra HDTV also comes with Toshiba latest proprietary image technologies and plethora of smart technologies commonly associated with Smart TV concept. All of these smart technologies simply makes Toshiba Ultra HDTV a more capable performer than the competing large screen behemoths.

The CEVO 4K Quad+Dual Core processor, for example, works wonder to convert your Full HD 1080p content and deliver the best 4K viewing experience. It is able to upscale the contents so that it creates almost near high impact as native ultra high definition content would. This way, you will never lack of contents as you practically can turn any contents into the life-like contents at a touch of button in the Ultra HDTV including your collection of favorite movies in Blu-ray disks. Gone are the days to find time to go to cinemas with your friends and family as the future of display and visual experience is right in front you, in your very own living room with Toshiba new Ultra HDTV series. For those more into exploring new contents and getting connected with friends and family in big screen, there is also a way thanks to the new Cloud TV functionality in these Ultra HDTV. Leveraging on cloud-based servers, users can find any contents on the home network as well as on the web. Or, they can have have closer interaction with friends and families through various sharing features available. In a lot of ways, you might think that the Cloud TV in Toshiba new Ultra HDTV is very similar to Smart TV in concept. You might be right because they both offers unique TV experience like never before by integrating smart technologies like never before.

New Image Enhancement Technologies

As they often say, there is always a room for improvement for everything. The same goes for the already incredible Ultra HDTV species. For Toshiba, they want to up the ante by adding more image enhancement technologies for ultimate viewing experience every time. Therefore, their new Ultra HDTV series not only sports super high resolution and higher number of pixels but also packs a host of advanced image enhancement features such as CEVO 4K, CQ Engine, ClearScan, and previously introduced 3D technology. Basically an enhanced version, of the existing CEVO processing engine used in previous generation of Toshiba LED and HDTV series, the new CEVO 4K Quad+ Dual Core processor in the Ultra HDTV series ensures brilliant image presentation and consistently high quality viewing experience for any content with various kind of format and resolution. For 2D contents, for example, the advanced processing engine is capable of converting them into 3D contents perfectly. As for the Full HD contents, the six-core processor inside the Ultra HD TV series simply does a very good job of upscaling and turns them into life-like images like what you get with native ultra high definition contents. In case of lower resolution, users can also enjoy a flawless image quality thanks to the Resolution Restoration feature which does nothing but improving your non-HD quality contents when upscaled to 4K resolution to display in the Ultra HDTV. As for colors, Toshiba relies on Color Gamut Enhancement and Color Depth Adaptive Resolution+ to produce vivid life-like colors by tweaking the color saturation and intensity of original contents.

On the other hand, CQ (Cinema Quality) Engine helps to improve the image quality further by offering a suite of advanced picture controls such as calibration mode, dynamic gamma, and noise reduction. If you happen to watch a lot of action movies or sports, the new Toshiba Ultra HDTV series will also be great option because it is equipped with ClearScan technology which ensures smooth, sharp and fast motion images.

Cloud TV

For those into Smart TV, you may find the new Toshiba Ultra HDTV series as much enticing thanks to a host of smart technologies planted inside them including Cloud TV functionality. While Smart TV essentially extend the functionalities by adding in Internet capability and smart devices features, Toshiba new Ultra HDTV takes the TV to the cloud for a cloud-drive content viewing experience as well as cloud-connected social experience. In many ways, you will Cloud TV have a lot of features which works pretty much the same with Smart TV. Nevertheless, they are actually a step ahead because of the cloud technology. For instance, if Smart TV allows users to view and make updates in social media platforms, Cloud TV functionality in Toshiba Ultra HDTV Series makes it possible to share family events in a common calendar and send messages via Personal Messaging feature. To enrich overall cloud-connected social experience, Toshiba will also integrated one of the popular smart technologies: a dedicated mobile app at later time. The mobile app is said to be able to sync to the new Toshiba new Ultra HDTV via Cloud TV functionality for easier content sharing and more seamless interaction. Other extras in the new Ultra HD TV includes WiDi and Miracast smart technologies for peer-to-peet wireless content streaming.

(Date: 16 April 2013; Lidya)

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